Install a wood accent wall to redecorate an area in your home that is drab.

Your choice of decoration speaks volumes about the style you have. You are wrong to think interior design is expensive. You can make your home look amazing with a few handyman skills. A wood accent wall is the best choice if you want a rich texture and a warm accent.

For an elegant touch, if you have a large space for creativity, the wood accent wall is the best choice. It might be difficult to decide on the right kind of wood for your wall. This guide will help you decide between store-bought and reclaimed wood. It also explains how to complete the project.

How to Install a Wood Accent Wall in Your Home

The right tools make installation much easier. No matter how skilled you are at handyman work, the basics of accent wood wall installation remain the same.You can also visit a handyman near me. 

This is the list of things you’ll need to do wood accent wall installations.

  • Planks of wood
  • Paintbrush
  • Pencil
  • Carpenter’s level
  • Stain
  • Tape measure
  • Rags
  • Nail gun
  • Wood adhesive
  • Stud finder
  • Caulk gun
  • Hammer
  • Caulk gun
  • Saw

You will now need to follow the steps below to make a wood accent wall handyman.

Choose the Wall

A wall should not be chosen randomly to create a rich accent. You should carefully choose the area where you want to place the accent wall. This could be the wall that you have put your television or mantel on. This wall is also great for displaying your headboard.


Measure the wall that you wish to transform into an accent wall. You won’t be able to use the correct dimensions of wood for your wall if you don’t measure it properly. You will also have the right amount of wood to fit your wall. You won’t enjoy it if you run short of wood just as you’re about to finish the handyman job.

Take a measuring tape and measure the height and width to determine how high your wall should be. Once you have the correct width and height measurements, multiply them to calculate the area. The area is measured in square footage if you take the measurement in feet. You should buy up to 15% more than what you have calculated for the wall.

Reclaimed wood can cause more waste than you think. You can’t reuse them in the future.

Choose the right wood for you

Next, the handyman must choose the right type of wood. You can use a variety of wood to install the wood accent wall. You can choose wood planks, for example. Wood plank are ready to be painted and install. If they are damage, you can stain them.

Topping and groove board are also prefer by most people as they can be fitted to wall corner. They are easy to install and can also be easily sawed to ensure a perfect fit. If you are looking for wood that is sourced from an old building or salvage barn, reclaimed barnwood might be a good option. Hardware stores often sell reclaimed wood and some even have pre-adhesive backs.

Be prepared with the necessary tool

You may have seen all the tools you will need to build a wood accent wall. It is a moderately difficult task and requires many tools. Along with the tools mentioned above, keep a pencil on hand. A miter saw may be need to trim the edge of the wood plank. This will ensure a smooth finish and perfect fit.

Get the precise markings

Keep the hammer, nails and other tools handy for your project. You will need to keep track of the studs used for marking the planks or walls. This will help you to locate the best place to attach the planks of wood to the wall. You don’t have to use a hammer and nails to install the wood accent wall.

There are many other options than nails and studs. Wood with adhesive can be relied upon. Use adhesives to mark your wall. This will give you a clear idea of where to attach the planks on the wall.

After measuring your wall and buying the wood, you’ll know how many boards you need. Your wall will be perfect. If there are any, make sure you don’t miss the switches and outlets. Make sure to measure the outlets and switches on the board before you cut it. This is important before you begin the actual installation.

Install the Wood Boards on the Wall

You can cut the boards or wood.

You must first remove the baseboards before you can install the wood boards to the wall. Start by removing all baseboards from the wall’s bottom. You will also need to install the wood boards in the wall. You must ensure that the wood board are align in a straight line. You should also use a level to align each row of wood boards.

If you’re using adhesive boards, secure them in place to the wall. To hold the board in place, you can use a nail gun and nail it. After marking the wall, the nail should adhere to the stud. Continue this process until all wood board are attach to the accent wall.

It’s time to stain

You have hopefully secured all wooden planks to the wall. Although the process provide a foundation for your handyman work it is still not finish. You now need to give your personal touch to the wood accent wall. You can stain or paint the wall to suit your aesthetics and taste.

You don’t need to paint wood that has been pre-finished or stained. You can also choose your favorite stain to do the wood handyman job. Use an old rag to paint your accent wall. It will help reduce the mess.

Are there other options to create a Signature wall

A wood accent wall can be done by a handyman. You don’t have to worry if you choose to do it yourself. It is possible to hire handyman dubai professionals to do the job for you. You can also choose to stick wallpapers on your walls, install floating shelves or make simple wall decorations. Decide the wall that inspires you and get the right tools-set to help you make it happen.