Introducing Fire Safety in Barns for Horses: Effective Tips to Look Out For

A fire accident in a barn! Isn’t that too horrific to even imagine, let alone deal with? While there is so much to care for in a barn, we often overlook fire safety. When designing a barn, the first priority must be to check and recheck all the safety concerns to eliminate the chances of unforeseen incidents. It takes only a moment of ignorance to cause serious damage with loss of lives and property. That is why it is important to consider and make choices that ensure fire safety seriously. Traditionally built wooden barns for horses are more prone to fire incidents than metal horse barns. While you can ensure some level of fire safety in barns by opting for the metal barns, we bring you certain safety features you must implement for a safer and more secure barn space.  

You should take fire safety seriously, whether your barn facility is small or huge. You can design a barn safe from fire hazards by introducing the right features and opting for technologically sound initiatives. Check out the most effective and feasible solutions to ensure fire-safe horse barns:

Introducing multiple exit options in barns

The most simple and cost-effective way to ensure fire safety in barns is to incorporate multiple exits. The more exits there are, the easier it is to evacuate the barn during an unforeseen situation. For more seamless access and exit, you can ask your barn manufacturer to include access doors in each stall to accelerate evacuation. You must also ensure that the doors are easy to open without any obstruction and that the latches and other functions are not hindered. Another thoughtful initiative should be to keep a check that equipment and vehicles are not parked or stored blocking the exits as they could pose a serious problem. 

Installing fire extinguishers smartly

We are well aware of how important a functional and well-maintained fire extinguisher system is in any public place. Although we hope never to have to use one, staying prepared for the unexpected is a wise decision. However, in addition to installing fire extinguishers, you must also know how to use them. Know the instructions well enough to use them without having to read the manual during times of emergency. Besides, you must ensure that the fire extinguisher is easily accessible, up-to-date, and meets the appropriate size requirement for the barn. Most importantly, you must be updated about the use and functioning of an extinguisher and have them checked annually. 

Another important thing to implement is to keep combustible materials away or store them in a different building where horses are not kept. You should also restrict smoking and the use of open flames in the barns for horses as a preventive measure to mitigate the risk of fire incidents.

Ensuring the safety of electricity

Another initiative that you must take into account to ensure fire safety is to keep the electricity up-to-date and check for repairs occasionally. If you are designing a new barn, you must implement the latest technology to ensure fire safety. In older barns, keep the electricity connections updated to prevent any loopholes. Always trust a licensed electrician for electrical repairs and replacements to eliminate the risk of damage or faulty connections that could spark a fire. 

Check out for damage and repair immediately

Prevention is always better, so you must be aware and constantly look for damages that need urgent repair. You should never ignore a damaged wire or a sparkling switch in any situation, as they can lead to something destructive. Moreover, you must also ensure that the electric wires and other equipment are kept out of the reach of the horses. Finally, regular cleaning and maintenance of the barn can prevent the formation of cobwebs and dust that will make it difficult to trace electrical damage. 

Final thoughts

You can opt for a safe barn structure by implementing the following features. Apart from the following, you can use materials that are fire-resistant to ensure maximum reaction time to evacuate safely the animals and other barn inhabitants. However, you should check out the barns from Ulrich that are customizable for safety features.

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