Knee Replacement Surgery: 5 Reasons to Consider It

The fitness and well-being of your knees are crucial to your day-to-day routine and actions. Hence it might not be wrong to say that intense pain in the knee joints can disturb your lifestyle and ultimately result in a negative temperament. And if you are like countless individuals with knee problems, you might perhaps be in a dilemma of whether to opt for a knee-replacement surgery or not. 

You might even fear about enduring the pain, the magnitude of pain, the time it would take to heal, and the essential worry of whether the surgeries are successful or not. 

However, you must know there are several reasons you must move ahead with knee replacement surgery. Furthermore, by undergoing knee replacement surgery, you can better manage your pain, improve your physical endurance, and lower complications like obesity and a sedentary or physically inactive lifestyle. 

What Does a Knee Replacement Surgery Entail?

Knee replacement surgery, commonly known as knee arthroplasty, is a surgical approach to resurface a knee impaired by arthritis. In this procedure, an orthopaedic surgeon uses metal and plastic elements to cover the end of the bones in the knee joint by correctly placing the knee cap. Furthermore, this surgical procedure benefits people with severe knee problems or arthritis. 

Likewise, you must note that the knee joint is the human body’s most complex joint. It comprises three parts — distal femoral condyles (thigh bone), the patella (knee cap), and the proximal tibial plateau (leg bone). The rears remain covered with an elastic material known as articular cartilage that allows the knee to bend freely. However, if damaged, this articular cartilage cannot fix itself, and you need knee replacement surgery. 

Top Reasons To Undergo a Knee Replacement Surgery 

Below are some prominent reasons to opt for knee replacement surgery.

Better Mobility 

Knee pain is excessively disabling, stopping you from walking or even moving a small distance. In addition, substantial knee and arthritis joint pain can hinder your other physical movements at home and the workplace, hampering your productivity. Even mild knee discomfort can meddle with your capability to look after your loved ones or perform your job well at work. 

Furthermore, excessive knee pain can lead to an inactive lifestyle, resulting in ill health and weight gain. So if you think you have some stiffness in your joints and cannot effectively perform everyday activities like walking, sitting, climbing stairs, or even getting up from a chair, it is time to opt for knee replacement surgery to get back to your normal life. 

Reduced Chronic Pain

If your physical exercise levels decline due to excessive knee pain or you find yourself restricted to even walking on your feet due to osteoarthritis, it indicates muscle deterioration. Also, as muscle mass already reduces with age and when you lower physical exercise, you might even slow down your recovery process. In addition, it could even make post-operative healing processes, like knee replacement or other treatments, challenging.

Relieve Pain and Stiffness

Pain and joint stiffness are two primary reason people undergo knee replacement surgery. Additionally, people suffering from severe knee arthritis and other comparable situations encounter knee discomfort, impacting their everyday life. Hence it is better to opt for surgery to overcome this pain and get better relief after surgery. 

Positive Treatment Response

Knee replacement surgery can be a prudent alternative if you do not see any positive results with adequate rest, medications, or therapies, including pain-killer medications, cortisone injections, lubricating injections, physiotherapy, or other minor surgical procedures. 

While some medicines, like opioid pain, can relieve pain for some time, it can lead to future complications and physical dependence. However, this is not the case with knee replacement surgery, as it offers a permanent solution by reducing excess medication requirements. 

Bone Deformity Reconstruction

People suffering from excess joint and knee pain can also encounter joint deformity down the lane, such as knee dislocation or bowleg. These bone deformities lead to abnormal body posture, limit body movement, and cause other body parts to face extreme discomfort. Therefore, to prevent all these issues, it is better to consult an orthopaedic surgeon and undergo knee replacement surgery to enhance the structural integrity of your knee.

The Bottom Line 

To sum up, knee replacement is one of the most thriving surgical procedures and is the best approach to relieve pain and help enhance mobility and comfort from osteoarthritis. In addition, knee replacement surgery can offer a new life to people undergoing chronic knee pain.

To know more about successful knee replacement surgery, consult the expert doctors at Max Healthcaregroup. Max Healthcaregroup is a leading provider of orthopaedic speciality care. Our expert orthopaedic surgeons can effortlessly fix your knee issues to help you overcome the pain and lead an everyday life. 

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