Know the Difference between Light and Heavy-Duty Towing

One of life’s most nerve-wracking activities is towing a car. Most of us would never think of being in such a predicament. The reality, however, is that there will come a moment when you need to have it towed to make it operational again.

Triple A-Towing offers 24-hour towing and roadside assistance for private and business clients, with light and heavy-duty tow trucks covering the whole city. They ensure the safety and convenience of towing your car, truck, or other transportation.

Here it’s crucial to know the difference between the various towing phrases before getting any help, yet they might be challenging to decipher. You must have an idea about the significant distinctions between light and heavy-duty towing and the important roles played by each. Knowing which one you need and what it might be helpful.

What is Light-Duty Towing?

Light-duty tow trucks may handle small-to-medium-sized towing duties such as private car towing, accident recovery, traffic accidents, and towing abandoned automobiles. They usually weigh between 8,500 and 10,000 lbs. Most typical towing procedures for regular tow trucks and workers are covered under light-duty towing.

How does it work?

Light-duty tow vehicles are significantly more straightforward and contain far less complicated tools and equipment than heavy-duty tow trucks. Most light-duty tow vehicles come with a cable system and a winch for effective towing. Some people also use the dolly towing method, which requires attaching a second dolly to the vehicle to act as an extension.

What is Heavy-Duty Towing?

Heavy-duty tow trucks should be able to pull or lift enormous cars with relative ease since they should weigh at least 26,000 lbs. Construction equipment, trailer trucks, trash trucks, and dump trucks are examples of commercial vehicles that are best hauled by a truck with a heavy-duty towing capability.

How does it work?

Heavy-duty tow trucks demand operators with in-depth knowledge of powerful engines and particular strategies for pulling large automobiles because of their more complicated nature. Heavy-duty tow trucks can perform the most significant towing duties since they are outfitted with the most sophisticated equipment among the several types of towing vehicles (such as a 25-ton boom, 6-ton wheel lift, and a winch). Also anticipated are high levels of torque and horsepower in these vehicles.

How do you know about your towing needs?

In most situations, a light-duty tow will be required. Those likely to need a heavy-duty tow, has to know this well before their vehicle’s breakdown. Light-duty tow trucks are often used by towing services, and however heavy-duty tow trucks may sometimes be called in.

The most important factor in deciding whether a light, medium, or heavy-duty tow truck is required is how much your car weighs. Avoid using a light-duty tow truck if you need to transport anything over a long distance or if you need to move a car or piece of equipment that requires a heavy-duty tow. However, using a heavy-duty truck to convey a light vehicle would be wasteful and costly. Your car’s gearbox and other equipment might be damaged if you use the incorrect tow truck.

Tips for choosing the right tow truck for your needs:

No manufacturer, model, or even the units, have a duplicate vehicle model that is just titled differently. It’s possible that both your car and your neighbor’s car were produced in the same year, even though they behave exactly like two separate vehicles.

With this in mind, it becomes clear that if a breakdown or other unexpected problem arises, you can just phone the person you need to and quickly and easily get the necessary assistance.

Finding a “one-size-fits-all” towing service has never been so simple, whether you need heavy-duty towing or light-duty towing. This is why you must use caution when selecting a firm to tow your automobile to a secure location where all its problems may be quickly resolved.


Hire a reliable and reputable towing service like “Triple A Towing.” It’s human nature to look for the lowest price, but remember, there’s probably a good reason why one company’s pricing is lower than everyone else’s. Learn as much as possible about the company you’re considering employing before making a decision. When it comes to the security of your car, you shouldn’t take any risks.