Know the new Features of Gojek Clone Script in 2022

Multi-service apps are trending these days! It is difficult to imagine a life where you need to juggle between different apps just to book services that you want. That is when these multi-service apps come in handy. With a single installation, people can book multiple services, track their deliveries, give their feedback, etc. In this blog, let’s explore other new and unique features that you can launch with the Gojek Clone Script in Indonesia! 

New & Unique Features of Gojek Clone App 

A multi-service app integrated with new and latest features is nothing but a lifeline for people in Indonesia. With this app, your users can easily book a taxi ride within the city, hire a babysitter, consult with a professional online, and much more. 

The entire assortment of 101+ on-demand services can be booked through this app in just a single click. Besides easy booking, customers can get numerous advantages through this app! 

gojek clone app

Easy Login and Registration 

The users can easily login with Face ID and Fingerprint and simply eliminate the need of remembering usernames and passwords every time they login. 

Keeping in mind all the struggles related to the long-format registration process, the developers have now integrated an easier way to register with the app! 

The Gojek Clone Script in Indonesia now integrates registration with mobile number, email address, and OTP authentication. Alongside, people can also register with social media credentials like Google+ and Facebook! 

Managing Credit Cards 

Users can easily pay with their credit cards using the app. The users can easily add or remove the credit card information on the app. 

Such an easy management system encourages customers to book the service and make online payments. 

Contactless Delivery 

Contactless delivery is one of the most preferable options for customers who still feel the need to sanitize stuff before keeping it inside their homes. 

For example, a customer wants to order groceries from a nearby store. They chose the option for contactless delivery. Now, the delivery driver will arrive and place the order at their doorstep.

The delivery driver will then click the picture of the order placed at the doorstep and upload it on the app as proof of delivery. They will then notify the customers about the delivery!

Video Call Option with the Taxi/Delivery Driver 

When launching the Gojek Clone Script in Indonesia, you will also get one of the most sought after multi-service app features – video call option with driver. 

With this feature, customers and taxi/delivery drivers can easily communicate with each other on a video call through the app. Besides video calling, customers and drivers can also communicate via VOIP-based calling and in-app chatting feature! 

Voice Note Instructions  

Customers can now record a voice message with delivery instructions and upload them to the app. 

In the message, customers can instruct the delivery driver with parking rules, which route to take, where to drop-off the package, etc. 

Once the delivery driver accepts the service request, reaches the store to pick the order, and final marks “picked up the order” on their app, they can listen to this voice message. 

In other words, with this feature’s help, the driver can easily make the delivery while customers can rest assured that their order will be delivered quickly! 

Purchase the Best Gojek Clone Script in Indonesia

Now that you have learnt what new and unique features you can integrate into your app, it is time to look for the best clone solution for your business! 

Where to begin your search? 

Start your search with white-labeling firms that have been into this industry for at least a decade now! Besides a decade-long experience, the white-labeling firm must also have: 

  • Launched 1200+ apps in only a couple of years. 
  • They offer an assortment of 101+ on-demand services on the app. 
  • Strict NDA and privacy policy. 
  • Deliver white-labeled apps in 1 to 2 weeks.
  • Have hundreds of futuristic features. 

In Conclusion: 

Want to establish a successful business and start making huge profits? Well, purchase the Gojek Clone Script in Indonesia from Cubetaxi and launch your own multi-service business in just 1 to 2 weeks. 

But, before you purchase the script, take the demo app trial to see if this solution fits your business needs or not. 

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