Lawyer for Business – Legal Services for Your Business

Provision of competent legal support to companies and individual legal entities is the key to successful business activities. Without qualifications and experience in this area, it is difficult to understand and defend your interests in legal situations. Therefore, the best solution would be to engage a lawyer for legal entities who will help owners and managers of companies to secure and control their Business Lawyer in Fairfax County from various risks.

When choosing a firm that provides legal services, give preference to an option that has a good reputation in this field. Yaroslav Grishin & Partners Law Firm will become a responsible and experienced assistant in protecting the interests of your business project.

Unlike a legal consultant of a company, the status of a business lawyer allows you to protect relations with a client with an attorney-client privilege, provides an opportunity to make legal appeals and inquiries to various authorities and receive the necessary documentation. We employ specialists who are well versed in banking and financial practice , judicial practice , tax practice . Our lawyers know firsthand what mediation , intellectual property ,  M&A , bankruptcy and debt restructuring are , and so on.

An integrated approach to competent legal support for your business from the firm “Yaroslav Grishin and Partners”

You can get the help you need in all areas that affect business. This is not only the protection of the company and its owner, but also the financial sector – disputes over taxation, claims of counterparties, various fines and penalties, protection of property rights. The specialists of the law firm are free to navigate in a difficult environment and will help resolve internal corporate issues as quickly as possible in compliance with all legal norms.

Lawyer services for legal entities from Yaroslav Grishin and Partners involve cooperation in the following areas:

  • analysis of the corporate situation – the study of the current statutory documentation will allow us to offer the client the most optimal organizational and legal form of business;
  • analysis of the taxation system – this will make it possible to complete the existing tax relations with optimal proposals, taking into account business features;
  • protecting the client during inspections – the ability to appeal the order to conduct an inspection, accompanying the client during the inspection, advising the company’s team and the possibility of appealing the results;
  • assistance in cooperation with problem counterparties – conducting the negotiation process with representation of the client’s interests, recovery and actual execution of the decision, initiation of bankruptcy proceedings;
  • competent analysis of existing assets – real estate and movable property, vehicles, the legality of the acquisition of assets, registration of assets;
  • support by experienced lawyers at all stages of court proceedings in the presence of litigation, representing the interests of the client in the Supreme Court;
  • drawing up a regulation on the trade secret of the company, explaining legal issues to the team;
  • since we have the best lawyers in labor law , we guarantee our clients a detailed analysis of labor relations – the study of existing employment contracts and contracts, the proposal of changes that are optimal for a business project, the preparation of draft employment contracts, internal regulations. Proposing changes in the formalization of relations with employees of the company, taking into account legal norms;
  • analysis of existing contracts with counterparties, drawing up protocols on disagreements, implementation of an arbitration clause;
  • a business lawyer assists in the registration of trademarks and patents in Ukraine. And also, monitoring of existing objects of intellectual property;
  • defense in criminal prosecutions. The lawyer of the law firm accompanies the client during investigative actions – searches, interrogations, seizures in Zaporozhye, Kyiv.

Law firm Yaroslav Grishi & Partners has been working with a wide variety of business projects, large companies for many years and has quite extensive experience in doing business in the legal field. Here are just a few examples of the many cases won that businessmen came to us with:

Cooperation with a law firm is a guarantee of the security of your business interests

Timely appeal of the client will help prevent many disputes that will become a serious problem for Business Lawyer in Fairfax County. Lawyer for legal persons is able to resolve even the most complex issue, ensuring maximum benefit for the client. Therefore, by contacting Yaroslav Grishin & Partners, you get:

  • cooperation with experienced lawyers and attorneys practicing in certain legal areas. The international law firm takes the highest quality standards as the basis of its activities and is a reliable partner for business;
  • observance of complete confidentiality about the client;
  • a law firm can offer its clients the best solution to problems in the shortest possible time, and, if necessary, long-term support;
  • in the event of an emergency situation, you can always ask questions of interest to a lawyer, because the company’s employees are in touch with clients 24/7;
  • an integrated approach is used in the work, which ensures the maximum result from cooperation with a business lawyer – the solution of tax and accounting issues, problematic situations with law enforcement agencies, registration, etc.;
  • the possibility of a free consultation will reveal all the prospects for further cooperation.