Leavers in Dunsborough 2023: Tips and Tricks to Help You Rock The Day

Leavers in Dunsborough 2023 is a day to commemorate and celebrate the end of secondary school and the beginning of tertiary education. It marks the transition from adolescence to adulthood, but it can also be a troubling time for many students as they leave their friends and familiar surroundings behind to embark on a new phase of their lives. Here are some tips and tricks to help you celebrate dunsborough leavers in 2023.

– Make sure you have a game plan. Decide what you want to do on the day and make sure you stick to it.

– Be prepared for anything. Things can get rowdy on Leavers, so make sure you’re ready for anything that might come your way.

– Keep your wits about you. There will be lots of people around, and it can be easy to get lost in the crowd. Keep an eye on your belongings and keep track of your friends.

– Have fun! This is your last chance to let loose before starting tertiary education, so make the most of it!

What is a Leaver’s Day?

A leaver’s day is a day where students celebrate the end of their schooling. It is held on the last day of school before the Christmas break. Students dress up in costumes, paint their faces and let their hair down to celebrate. The day usually starts with a parade through the streets of Dunsborough, followed by a party at the beach or in a park. There are also many music and dance performances throughout the day.

Traditions and Activities

Leavers is a time when students in Year 12 finish high school and celebrate the end of their schooling. It usually happens in November or December, depending on the state. 

In Western Australia, Leavers traditionally takes place over a week between late November and early December. Students from all over the state descend upon the coastal town of Dunsborough for a week of celebration. The activities and traditions associated with Leavers have changed over the years, but there are still some that are enjoyed by all. 

One tradition that has remained popular is the wearing of Leaver’s hoodies. These are brightly coloured jumpers with the student’s name and year printed on them. They are often decorated with sequins or other embellishments, and students wear them during the day and night as a way to identify themselves as leavers. 

Another tradition is the wearing of temporary tattoos. These can be bought from stalls set up around town, or made at home using temporary tattoo paper. They are usually worn on the face or hands, and often feature images or words related to Leavers. 

A more recent tradition is taking photos with ‘Leaver’s props’. These are large cardboard cut-outs in the shape of objects or people, such as palm trees, surfboards, flamingos or dolphins. They can be found in photo booths around town, and make for great memories (and Instagram posts!) 

Of course, no mention of Leavers would be complete without mentioning the parties. These are usually held at night, and often go on until the early hours of the morning. Students drink, dance and socialise, and many ends up going to the beach or swimming pool during the day to recover from their night before. 

Leavers is a time for students to let their hair down and celebrate the end of their schooling. It is a tradition that is enjoyed by many, and one that will continue for years to come.

Dress Code

It’s that time of year again when the leavers descend on Dunsborough for their end of year celebrations. If you’re heading down for a leavers’ party or two, there are a few things you need to know about the dress code.

For starters, leavers in Dunsborough are required to wear a wristband at all times. This wristband must be worn on the right wrist and must be visible at all times. There are a few exceptions to this rule, which will be detailed below.

If you’re planning on hitting the beach during your stay, it’s important to remember that topless sunbathing is not permitted in Western Australia. So if you’re wanting to show off your newly acquired tan, make sure you do so in a bikini top or rashie.

Another important thing to remember is that public nudity is also not allowed. So if you’re thinking about stripping down to your birthday suit for a late night skinny dip, think again!

While there are a few rules and regulations around dress code during leavers week, as long as you stick to them, you’ll have no problem fitting in and enjoying yourself.

Tips for the Day

If you’re leaving for Dunsborough, or any other town in Western Australia, there are a few things you should know before you go. Here are our top tips to help you make the most of your trip:

1. Plan your route in advance. Decide where you’re going to stay and map out the best way to get there. This will save you time and stress on the day of your trip.

2. Leave early. The drive from Perth to Dunsborough can take up to four hours, so give yourself plenty of time to make the journey. This way, you can enjoy a leisurely drive and arrive at your destination feeling relaxed.

3. Bring snacks and drinks for the journey. This will keep you fuelled up for the drive and help you avoid any unwanted stops along the way.

4. Make sure you have all the essentials packed before you leave. Dunsborough is a remote town, so it’s important to be prepared for everything. Check the weather forecast and pack accordingly, as well as bringing along any medication or first aid supplies that you might need.

5. Have cash on hand. There are limited ATMs in Dunsborough, so it’s a good idea to bring enough cash to last you for your entire trip.

Things to Bring

There are a few essential items that you should bring with you to make the most of your day in Dunsborough. Firstly, sunscreen is an absolute must. The sun can be quite harsh in this part of the world, so make sure to slather on some SPF30 or higher. Secondly, a hat or sunglasses will also help to keep the sun off your face. Thirdly, comfortable shoes are a must as you’ll be doing a lot of walking around. Fourthly, it’s always a good idea to have some cash on hand in case you need to buy something unexpectedly. Finally, don’t forget your camera!