The need for Life Skills Education Among today’s Youth

What are life skills?

In simple terms as the definition provided by the World Health Organisation. It is defined as the ability to adapt and showcase positive behavior. Thereby enabling them to deal with the challenges and demands of everyday life effectively. Life Skills Education has vital importance.

Life skills are considered to be important tools that need to be mastered by students. It includes the tools of communication, critical thinking, decision-making, and negotiation skills. Each of these tools helps in the promotion of healthy development of the mind in young people and helps in preventing risk-associated behavior.

Life Skills Education in Schools

In a rapidly competitive economy where it has now become more important for individuals to be adept at different kinds of techniques and knowledge. And it often leads to issues of anxiety and stress thereby deteriorating the mental health of individuals. In such situations, life skills can provide support to these individuals. And enable them to manage the competitive market without breaking it down mentally and physically.

Considering the case of life skill education provided in schools. Through this education, it will be possible for the teachers to help students improve their knowledge. Also, develop strong views and values as well as provide them with strategies that will strengthen their cognitive development. Having knowledge of life skills will also increase self-confidence and motivate the students to do better.

The best example that can be highlighted regarding my life skills is necessary if the current covid-19 situation. The covid-19 has made it difficult for students to cope with the rapid changes. They have been made to their everyday life. As a result, it has been found that students of all ages have been faced with mental anxiety and stress. It leads to mental breakdowns and deteriorating positions in schools.

Moreover, in such situations when students are provided with life skills education. So, it will provide them with the much-needed motivation and make them confident in navigating this tumultuous period.  Moreover, considering the current concept of online education, there are also several educators selling courses by using online course builder or online platforms that have been developed with the sole objective of helping students learn about life skills.

Major Life Skills that need to be developed by students

There are several life skills that have the ability to support students with increased efficiency. And productivity in the long run. The following section highlights the major life skills that need to be developed by students. So that they can become more confident. And prosper in their educational environment.

  • The ability to manage time
  • The ability to communicate with others to help in the removal of miscommunication and misunderstanding
  • Helping in stress management so that anxiety and mental stress are effectively managed
  • Working towards the development of a positive environment at workplaces and school environment by working towards building personal relationships and prospecting each individual around them
  • Working towards managing healthcare and providing attention to self-care.

Benefits of learning Life skills by students

There are several reasons that can be highlighted as to why it is important for students to learn about life skills and why educational Institutions should take it upon themselves to have a separate class that will work towards achieving the objective. The following section highlights the major benefits that are involved when it comes to making students more strong and more efficient.

  • One of the many benefits that learning life skills by students provide is that. It helps in helping the students to become self-confident. So that they can effectively navigate the challenges that are represented by everyday life.
  • It provides students with an opportunity to develop the habit of critical thinking. Moreover, making it easier for them to solve issues without any hindrance
  • It also teaches the students to be accountable for their actions. It enables them to become adaptable to different kinds of situation
  • It is the students on how to improve their spoken skills and become better at communication. Moreover, making it easier for them to work in a group situation and improve their collaboration and cooperation.


It can therefore be concluded that learning life skills have a lot of advantages for students. It effectively prepares them for the future. Therefore it is of utmost importance that educational institutions take it upon themselves to introduce life skill classes for the students. So, they can take the help of the several websites online that are involved in course selling(using the best platform to sell online courses) dedicated specifically to life skills.