List of necessary documents required while travelling in India and Internationally

Travelling in today’s times to take a break or work or simply for a vacation is an activity that most people want to engage in. Since the pandemic, travelling safely has become a bit of a hassle. Many people chose not to travel for several reasons, particularly because it became too taxing to understand the travel regulations and requirements of different states and countries. 

Additionally, another major concern associated with travelling was healthcare. In cases of medical emergencies in a place other than the hometown, access to medical care, medical records, doctors, etc, would be a big issue.

The use and need of ABHA card while travelling

Health screening, covid vaccine application, vaccination certificate, a negative covid report, etc., are some factors that play a role in travelling within the country. With the susceptibility of anyone to be afflicted with COVID, it has become even more important to have health-related documents ready that will save you and your doctors a lot of time and may smooth the treatment process if needed. 

With an ABHA card, you can benefit from the digitisation and provision of standard healthcare practices across the country. This platform will also give you access to information about doctors and healthcare practitioners in any state or city you are in. A list of all the government and private facilities is available once you register and have an ABHA card. Check the variety of treatment options that you can access – Ayurveda, homoeopathy, yoga, etc.

Documents required while travelling in India and Internationally.

1.       Covid vaccine certificate – One of the most important documents required for travelling in this day and age will be the covid vaccination certificate. Upon completion of both doses of the vaccine you have taken, you will receive the certificate. You can download your vaccine after you have completed your Cowin app registration with your phone number and Aadhar details. It will ensure safety for you and your fellow travellers.

2.       Health documents/ABHA – You can be prepared for any medical emergency or need by having your health documents in place. The government has made this simple, as you can create an ABHA card and upload all the relevant medical information digitally on this platform. Your ID number can provide the doctors with all the details that they might require to help you in critical needs or any other scenarios.

3.       Identification – Proper identification documents issued by the government are a must-have while travelling. Whether you are travelling by train, flight, or by road, you will need your ID card. Relevant forms of identification would include your Aadhar card, driver’s license, voter’s ID, passport, etc. You can also carry these ID proofs digitally on official apps.

4.     Passport and visa – These would be some of the most important documents required for international travel. A valid passport is a must, and each person is responsible for checking the passport’s validity and its expiry date before planning an international trip. This document will help you avoid any mishaps or unfortunate incidents in another country. If the country you are travelling to does not have the option of a visa upon arrival, you need to have the visa provided to you beforehand for a hassle-free process at immigration.

5.       Medical and travel insurance – Be prepared for unforeseen incidents by keeping your travel and medical insurance documents handy with you. Especially when travelling abroad, these documents can play a huge role in smoothening the process of receiving help. Your travel insurance can be of two kinds – insurance for medical expenses and insurance for trip cancellation. Your medical insurance can be digitally documented on the ABHA card.

Verify the rules and regulations of the countries or cities you are travelling to and be prepared by keeping the necessary information intact to avoid any last-minute stress or hassle. 

Ensure that you are in good health by keeping up-to-date with all your medical information and tests. Help yourself by making your travel easier and lighter by keeping the information on one platform that is now becoming standard practice in the country.