Make Money Writing Product Reviews: Make Your Words Sell

When it comes to the internet or online marketing, Affiliate Marketing is perhaps the best way to earn some money online. There are many ways to earn money in affiliate marketing but the most effective and profitable one is writing product reviews. In this post, we will share with you some tips and techniques you must always apply when writing a product review.

The Affiliate or Internet marketing visuals business model is very simple. You promote other people’s products as an affiliate. When people buy the product through your affiliate ID, you will get a commission.

But first thing first, writing a product review is not the same as writing a sales letter. The objective of a sales letter is to sell period. That’s why a sales letter uses a lot of hype. Most sales letters are over-promised and under-delivered. That’s why people are very skeptical about sales letters.

On the other hand, the objective of a product review is to Pre-sell (not sell). Pre-selling is a process of gaining Trust from your readers which is the most important element in converting your visitors/readers into customers. You have to remember this: “Price resistance diminishes in direct proportion to Trust “. When your potential prospects trust you, you will have no problem in recommending and selling a product.

So how do you gain trust from your potential prospects?

1. Benefits of Product Review

When writing a product review, most affiliate marketers make a mistake by highlighting the features of the products instead of the benefits. Please remember this, when writing a product review, always ask yourself this question from your prospect’s perspective: “What is in it for me?” People only care about what they can benefit from the product, they don’t care about the features. How can the product help them to earn more money? How can the product help them to solve their problems? How can the product help them to save money? etc. So always ask yourself questions from your prospect’s perspective when writing a product review.

2. Be the Expert in your niche

Your readers will be more willing to whip out their credit cards if they feel and believe that you are an expert in your field. One way to establish expertise in your field is to target a niche market that you’re passionate about. And make sure that the market has people who are especially interested in advice, ideas, and help about a particular topic in your niche. When you’ve expertise in a particular niche market, you’ll tend to write product reviews from an actual experience. Without actual hands-on experience, you cannot include powerful benefits or descriptions in your reviews.

3. Be as Objective as possible

A good product review will always state objectively what the product or service is, what it isn’t, and how well it performs. If you can’t state the facts about the product objectively, you need to do more research or purchase the product and then use it yourself. Like when you write a review about the best gaming Razer blade 2018 laptop write something interesting to Give your reader the impression of Fairness by including both the positive and negative points of the product. The idea here is to make the information appear more unbiased.

4. Offer Proof

If you can, test and use the product or service yourself. You can offer proof; it will be a very powerful sales motivator. When you show actual results with proof, you give your potential buyers a sense of “security” to make their buying decisions.

5. Learn from your Competitors

Take a good look at your competitors, look at all the strategies being used by your competitors. When you read their reviews, how do you feel? Does it make you want to buy it after reading it? When you find one that is very compelling, learn from it and follow his/her strategy. Now, I’m not asking you to copy other people’s reviews word by word (that’s plagiarism). But it’s nothing wrong if you copy their strategy and write the review using your own words!

I hope you find this article useful.