Useful Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents in 2022

Real estate marketing helps realtors and brokers promote and market their services and gain prospective leads that can cause even larger growth in their specific field.

Property developers use multiple marketing methods. These include advertising through billboards, print, electronic media or websites, social media platforms, etc.

Many agents regularly create brochures or advertise in niche newspapers or T.V programs to attract more possible leads.

1- Create a Social Media Strategy

According to Moovly, over 30% of real estate agents said they close at least one deal per year as a direct outcome of their social media activity. And 60 percent of property agents believe social media is more effective than a website.

The above statistics declare that you need a killing social media strategy. 

Madison is a real estate agent whose ticktock channel is called “The NYC Agent.” She gathered 10,000 followers just three months after entering the world of ticktock. 

She didn’t stop there and grew her account to 100,000 followers. According to her, 100 percent of her clients turn to her after seeing her ticktock videos.

2- Promote your Real Estate Business Through YouTube

Our pro real estate marketing tip is to start a youtube channel. You get to interact with 122 million people with the help of your youtube videos.

Real estate agents should leverage this superb video platform to generate sales. And you don’t need hundreds of thousands of subscribers to drive a high number of sales.

Realtors are generating sales with one or two thousand followers. However, you should try to make appealing videos featuring property hacks, information about your local area, and property listings.

3- Shoot Virtual House Tours

Many of today’s property buyers are millennials. They don’t get impressed by a property listing featuring the house’s total area and the number of fixtures it has.

No, your property listing should look like its created in 2022. It should include appealing videos showing the interior and exterior areas of the place.

To get people to convert to your properties, you need to sell a lifestyle, not a piece of land with a structure.

When customers see virtual home tours, they can imagine living in that place and leading their day-to-day life. It serves as a big push toward the buying decision.

Additionally, a virtual home tour evokes emotions that words and images can’t. People love to watch short videos on their favorite social media platforms.

4-  Unlock the Potential of Social Media Adverts

Your social media accounts can gather a good number of followers. But, paid advertisements directly hit your target customers and land in front of their eyes.

As a real estate agent, you should add a pixel to your social ad media ad account and retarget individuals who see specific homes. 

Uploading your email list to your social accounts can help you direct ads toward customers in specific categories. For example, users wanting to purchase investment properties or people looking to sell their houses. 

In addition, you should make a follower base of custom Facebook ads for clients in your locality and spread the word about your business to a new audience. 

5- Request Customers for a Testimonial

People don’t buy a property every other day. It’s often a once-in-a-lifetime decision and a big financial investment. This is why building customers’ trust in your real estate business is a difficult task.

On top of that, buying real estate is an important lifestyle decision that affects your daily living. 

But, you can’t ignore it as it is the non-negotiable and the number-one thing buyers look for in a realtor — their reputation.

Asking previous clients to advocate for you is the best way for property developers to win people’s trust. Plus, you should follow a well-organized approach to sharing client testimonials and placing them in front of prospective customers.

6- Make a Document Comprising Winning Words and Phrases for Your Marketing Copy

Your copy of your product listings matters as they make or break someone’s decision to buy. Direct and simple words often sell better. However, words that reminisce and help viewers paint a picture in their minds can work even better.

Bottom Line

Realtors and their teams have to manage all their existing properties and keep track of their owner history, prices, pictures, floor plans, availability status, and payment schedules.

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