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Selling On Amazon? Keep These Common Mistakes At Bay

More and more business owners are willing to leverage Amazon’s growth to their benefit as a seller. Though being a seller on Amazon is easy, generating sales isn’t. There are over 2.5 million active sellers striving to be on top of the search results, making the competition fierce. Hence, being a seller through Amazon doesn’t equal success.

To ensure better sales on Amazon, here are some significant practices that must be taken into consideration. Missing these practices can result in errors that can cost you in various aspects. Therefore, to make the process of online selling a little easier for you, here are the best practices you can adopt to avoid mistakes that can downgrade your sales. 

Some Tips To Avoid The Common Mistakes While Selling Through  Amazon

  • Inaccurate Or Missing Product Information 

Product listing is the face of your business Amazon. It should provide the necessary information regarding the product to the customers. It is also responsible for the sale of your business – no matter it’s a third or second wave of COVID. Correct product listings helps to provide powerful eCommerce strategies.

If your product listings do not have the right information, it will mislead the customers and you will lose their trust. Hence, it gets imperative for you to provide the most accurate information regarding the product and what you are offering through your products. 

Solution: Giving genuine information that the customer needs will positively influence their purchasing decision. Having professionally crafted listings with complete and accurate product information will engage customers better. 

Managing product data for a lot of products is quite challenging. One alternative for this is to go for professional Amazon listing optimization services. Professionals have high-end tools and multichannel listing software that help them accurately list products with genuine, complete and relevant product data.

  • Not Optimizing Your Product Listings

Authentic information and high-quality images will not be able to serve their purpose if the right audience is unable to come across your product listings. To ensure that your listings are reaching the right audience, you need product listing optimization. 

Solution: Optimizing your listings will ensure that the content has all the relevant keywords and content that the customers are looking for. The products are listed in the right categories. It helps your product listings to rank in the search results so that your products reach the right audience.

One alternative to this is, that you can go for outsource Amazon product listing services to experts. Professionals give you unmatched services by taking care of all your eCommerce store needs.

  • Unsatisfactory Or Expensive Fulfillment

Giving the best of customer service including prompt shipping and reliable fulfillment is one of the key ingredients of Amazon’s success. With Amazon fulfillment, customers know the ordered product will be delivered on time and without any additional shipping fee. 

Most customers prefer Amazon Prime or Fulfilled by Amazon products. Even if they have to buy a nonprime or FBA product, they look for shipping charges and time. If you are unable to provide reliable fulfillment like fast delivery, free shipping, etc, there are fair chances that your customers will get diverted to your competitors.  

Solution: Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) provides exclusive storage, packaging, shipping, and post-sales process assistance. It allows you to sit back and relax while Amazon takes care of all the fulfillment issues that customers face while shopping. 

Besides, the product listing will get the “FBA ” logo next to the products. This gives customers a sense of reliability and trust that their product will be delivered on time. It will also keep track of defected/damaged product delivery and return/refunds etc. to ensure enhanced customer satisfaction. 

  • Poor Inventory Management

Well-managed inventory helps businesses to take and process their orders efficiently. You can easily track which products are in-hand and which need re-stocking. Proper inventory management allows sellers to avoid stockouts and have accurate recordkeeping. It gives you precise updates on the availability of products. 

Besides, if you are unable to manage your inventory properly and tend to oversell products, your store will get penalized by Amazon. Hence, to avoid getting suspended or penalized you have to maintain your inventory. 

Solution: With so many products to sell, managing inventory is a cumbersome task. It gets even more challenging and confusing when you are selling across multiple channels. Thus, the best way is to have experts manage your inventory. Inventory management service providers have high-end tools and integration software that synchronize the inventory levels giving you real-time and accurate inventory updates on a single dashboard. 

  • Being A Competitor To Amazon

With so many active sellers, it is quite challenging to have a competitive edge. If you are competing with Amazon it is even harder.

Amazon is a marketplace not only for businesses who are willing to sell; Amazon itself leverages this platform to trade. Hence, it is advisable to avoid selling products that Amazon sells to restrict competition. Amazon offers impressive margins and has exclusive inventory levels. It is quite difficult to stand against Amazon. 

Solution: Have in-depth research prior to finalizing your product list that you are going to sell through Amazon. If you have included a product that Amazon sells, simply remove it from your list. 


It is possible to get ahead of these common mistakes by carefully understanding Amazon’s guidelines. You can run a successful business by keeping in mind the dos and don’ts suggested by Amazon. 

If you are unable to spare out time to implement the above-mentioned practices, outsource Amazon product listing services to experts to manage your eCommerce store on Amazon.

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