Monday Night Market Guide in KSL Johor Bahru Malaysia

Are you tired from a long day of work and Monday Blues? You can relax and enjoy great food and shopping at KSL JB’s Monday night market.

KSL Night Market will make you feel happy and in love with Mondays. Why? These are the reasons. KSL Night Market offers a wide variety of food stalls selling delicious food as well as cheap goods that are well worth the purchase. The night market is always full of tourists and locals.

The market is open every Monday from 5:00PM to late. To make it easier for mobile vendors to set up stalls, roads surrounding KSL City Mall will close at 4:00 PM. You will be amazed at the number of stalls stretching from the KSL City Mall up to the Grand Paragon Hotel.

1.Old School Apam Balik

This sweet snack, also known as Mee Chiam Kueh is made on the spot and traditionally served hot. To avoid sticking, the batter mixture is cooked in a large round iron skillet with lots of butter or palm margarine.

The soft fluffy pancake is then filled with a handful of granules sugar, crushed peanuts and a few more. Modern inventions like jams, chocolate sprinkles, cheddar cheese and other sweet or savory fillings can be found today.

The apam balik’s fillings are made from crushed peanuts. They have a wonderful crunch and a nutty aroma. The apam balik can be broken down into small pieces once it’s done. You can also add a spoonful of cream canned corn to help reduce the sweetness.


Mochi is a street food that you can find in most night markets, but the mochis at KSL Monday market are unique.

Their glutinous rice desserts are covered with sesame seeds and crushed peanuts. To make it easier for customers to enjoy while shopping at the night market, the dessert is made in small bite-sized portions.

3.Teochew Chwee Kueh & Chee Cheong Fun

Literally, Teochew Chwee Kueh (literally “Water Rice Cake”) is a traditional Chinese steamed rice cake that’s bowl-shaped and topped with preserved red onion. It makes a wonderful breakfast in Singapore and Malaysia.

You can now enjoy Chwee Kuehs for supper at the KSL Monday market stall. The hot chili sauce is a great pairing for this delicious little kueh. The stall offers Chwee Kueh as well as chee cheong fun, which may surprise you due to its silky texture.

The sauce’s flavor is balanced between sweet and savory. To enhance the texture and aroma of this dish, some toasted white sesame seed are added. Chee cheong fun tastes best when it’s still hot and is still smooth and slippery.

4.Traditional Kueh

You will find many stalls selling traditional kuehs at the KSL Monday market. There are sweet and savory options available, which make them great for lunch or dinner. There are many kuehs to choose from, including curry puffs and kuih lapis. You can also choose from any kueh you want, so you can enjoy many different types of kuehs simultaneously.

The stall owners pride themselves on making their kuehs fresh from scratch using traditional methods and natural ingredients. These kuehs do not contain artificial flavourings or preservatives. This is done to preserve the original flavor and to maintain its freshness.

5.Black Carrot Cake (Char Kway)

KSL Monday Market offers this delicious food. At night, you may be drawn to the Black Carrot Cake Stall’s continuous clanking sound as well as the pleasant aroma of stir-fried Char Kway.

This char kway is so delicious that you might fall in love with the eggy goodness. Char Kway makes you feel heavenly satisfied with every bite. This stall is very popular with the locals. The long line of people waiting to get their Char Kway can attest to its popularity.

6.White Carrot Cake (Chye Tow Kuay).

There is also a White Carrot Cake. The white Chye Tow Kuay version is made by stirring-frying radish cakes cubes with eggs and spring onions.

White Carrot Cake differs from Black Carrot Cake in that it does not use sweet sauce during the cooking process. The egg mixture is topped with diced radish cake to give it a crisp texture. White Carrot Cake is a popular street food that can be used to make a delicious, savory meal. If you like a spicy kick, it is best to be eaten hot.

Monday, the start of the week, is the last day I want to face, but just thinking that there are so many delicacies waiting for me every Monday, I am excited again! You really can’t miss these roadside delicacies, because they are the delicacies that many Malaysians grew up eating.

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