Most functional UTE trays

With today’s technology, the Ute Tray is an excellent addition to your vehicle. The design of these trays has become more innovative as brands recognize modern needs. Here’s a list of some of the best Ute Trays on the market, from your regular tray to a fully customizable rotating crane system, which can be configured to suit your needs.

And remember, UTE aluminium trays are not just for tradies anymore. Whatever your passion, there’s a tray out there that can help make it easier.

A great addition to your vehicle 

A Ute Tray is an elevated platform that attaches to the rear of a Toyota ute, providing a convenient surface for carrying tools or equipment. They are generally made from steel and come in many different sizes, styles and colours. They can also be custom painted to match the colour scheme of your ute, or you can choose one that stands out from the crowd!

How do they work?

The first step is to determine how big you want it by measuring your vehicle and where you think it should be mounted on your car. This can be done behind a seat or across several seats, along with how thick/heavy any items that need carrying around, like boxes full of tools.

Then select which type suits best based on features offered like tie-down points, racks for additional storage space etc., and purchase accordingly.

The UTE tray is the perfect accessory for your Ute. The price range can vary from $150 to over $1000, depending on what you are looking for and what brand you go with.

  • The `Aussie Silverback` is an Australian-made high-quality product that will not disappoint. With a 4-way rotation system and six adjustable caster wheels, it has everything needed to get around town quickly!
  • Aluminium trays at affordable prices starting at around the $300 mark up until over $1000 can be found if you want something special.

Discuss what will work for you

If you’re looking for a tray, there are a few things to remember.

First, talk to the person who will be using the tray. Ask them what they like and don’t like about their current trays, and ensure that your new tray will be something they can use comfortably and efficiently.

Second, get a quote for the most suitable tray based on their needs and preferences. You’ll also want to ask about warranties and any history of any damage or repairs that might have been done on it previously.

Finally, feel free to ask if there are any recommendations from other customers with similar needs. They could be helpful (and sometimes surprising so).

UTE tray is a blessing

If you’re wondering what a UTE tray is, it stands for utility tray. It’s a platform you can use to transport tools and other items in your car without them rolling around and getting lost when you stop working on something. If you’ve ever tried transporting tools within your car or on the roof of your vehicle while driving down the road, then you’ll know how frustrating this can be. A UTE tray solves this problem by providing a safe place for tools to stay put, so they don’t go anywhere while driving along.

This type of tray will come in handy no matter what kind of job or hobby you have, whether it’s working on cars, playing with LEGO sets or even just going out into nature for some camping fun! 


The bottom line is that UTE aluminium trays are here to stay, and as technology advances, so does the design of these products. The market for UTE trays covers every type of person with different needs.