What to Expect from a Full-Service Moving Company in UAE?

You finally found your dream home, and you are just about to move in. Well, now you can hire Full-Service movers that can do all the work for you. Packing and Moving services in Dubai do it all for you, just get on the call and hire them up. They will work efficiently, and if you have any instructions, they will work by them. Moving house is a lot of work.

Not everyone can do all the tedious work. The Full-Service movers will get the job done very professionally and with a standardized procedure to get things done smoothly. Here we will explain what services MOVEYOUAE include and how they get the job done.

Expectations from Full-Service Moving Company:

The Full-Service movers do the following tasks, which are related to your move.

Supplying all Packing Materials and Supplies:

-No more getting hordes of supplies for your move. All the boxes and packing material used in your move are provided by them. They use bubble wraps, furniture blankets, and padding for all your fragile goods.

Packing up your Belongings:

Packing all your belongings in boxes for your move is very exhausting and tiring work. The Full-Service movers handle this time-consuming task with their trained packers, who asses all your belongings and then box them up in no time. These professionals are trained to handle all items accordingly. They are careful with fragile items or valuable items.

Furniture Disassembly:

Assembling and dissembling all your furniture is one of the most difficult tasks of the move. Full-Service movers are experienced with this and can easily take apart all your furniture and assemble it at your destination. You can also have an option to have a full disassembly or partial.

Truck Loading and Unloading:

The team of Full-Service movers will do all the heavy lifting for you. All your heavy home appliances and furniture will be lifted and loaded into the truck. They are very cautious about the safety of your items as well as any damage to your home. When you arrive at your new home, MOVEYOUAE will unload it all and sort it out according to your choice.

Transporting your Belongings:

The Full-Service movers provide their transportation services. After loading up all your stuff, they transport it to your new home. They provide this service across the country, either you live in a big city and moving out to the countryside, they will drive your belongings out there. The only task left for you are receiving your stuff at your new place.


Packing is not the only difficult task when you are moving. Unpacking requires the same effort. The Best moving Company in UAE will help out with unpacking too. The Full-Service movers also make sure your things go exactly where they are supposed to be. All that is left for you is to settle in and relax.

Disposal of Packing Materials:

You have moved to your new home, and all the unpacking is done. Now you are left with all the taped-up boxes and plastic wraps that need to be properly disposed of. The Full-Service movers help you out with this one, too, they take away all this mess, and they salvage, recycle and dispose of all the packing material after unpacking.

The packing and moving services in Dubai are professional and take care of all the processes of moving from one place to other. They provide you with their service plans, and you can choose exactly what you want and start executing your moving process.


Choosing Residential and Commercial Movers:

Moving from one place to another put another be a very stressful situation for people. It is common for people to make it easier for themselves to handle sections if they hire professional packing and moving services in dubai. Considering all of these aspects, it will be easier for you to hire a residential mover rather than a commercial one.

Most individuals find moving to be a difficult undertaking. Therefore they need to employ specialists to assist them. Because they offer the same services on a smaller scale, residential movers charge less than commercial movers. Due to their tiny squad size, they are also more effective. To suit your demands, commercial movers require that you have specialized moving tools and personnel with a certain skill set.

Questions People Forget to Ask Their Moving Companies

We will discuss some questions that may be helpful for you in investigating a moving company in UAE.

What resources do you offer?

You’re in for a long moving day if you anticipate your movers to bring boxes and packing materials, but they arrive empty-handed.

Reuse of Packing Materials?

This question’s response contains a wealth of information regarding a moving firm. The moving company in UAE provides brand-new boxes. In addition to carefully cleaning our trucks and other equipment before and after each move, MOVEYOUAE doesn’t reuse boxes.

How Can you Help?

Others don’t want to be involved with their relocation. They want everything handled by the MOVEYOUAE crew, including packing, moving, and unpacking. And that’s wonderful! We like relocating a whole house while you unwind. But it’s also fantastic if you want to participate in your relocation. Simply let us know how engaged you want to be with your relocation, and we’ll adjust our estimate accordingly.

Final Verdict:

Packing and Moving services in Dubai will be able to assist you in all means possible. Everything from carrying the items and handling them, as well to being delivered to the new location, will be handled with extensive care.

A specialist at MOVEYOUAE takes great care to ensure that everything goes according to plan since they are aware that moving may be a stressful event. They will take care of everything to make sure the move is stress-free, from packing your items to putting them into the van. We’re eager to assist and want everything to be great.