Multiple styles of rigid boxes used for products packaging

Types of styles of rigid boxes used for products packaging

Choosing rigid boxes for your products is a popular choice for certain types of products. This is all because of the support and luxury feel that these boxes offer to any product. The rigid box packaging is considered the finest packaging due to its weight and expense. Moreover, the manufacturing of rigid boxes needs high-quality techniques. These boxes are sturdy in nature, due to the use of their paper-based material. This packaging has high-thickness chipboard, wrapped in decorative paper. These packaging boxes offer a premium feel that will enhance the customer’s boxing experience. Therefore, your brand will have more and more opportunities to build a strong brand narrative. There are multiple styles of rigid boxes that any brand can use for their product packaging.

Some are the following:

Tube Packaging:

This tube packaging is also referred to as rolled-edge tube packaging. These rigid tubes are unique and eco-friendly paper packaging. hence, these options are for those looking to stand out in the market and be different from the competitors. Rigid tube packaging is cylindrical in shape and has no corners. Its shape is like a telescopic or shoulder-neck style opening. One of the most popular types of rigid boxes is the pringles container. Therefore, these boxes are popular for packaging smaller products such as drinks, cosmetics, accessories, and stationary with an easy opening method.

rigid boxes

Magnetic closures:

The satisfying ‘snap’ of a magnetic closure rigid box can be oddly hooking as the two magnets in the rigid boxes lock together to a fixed close. These two magnets lock together to firmly seal the box shut. Because of its sturdy and compact construction, customers will be hesitant to throw these boxes out. They can make it a sustainable option since rigid boxes can make excellent storage units for multiple purposes. For example, jewelry, makeup, and just about anything else. Moreover, the structure of this packaging is a unique and high-end feel. Hence, this type of box offers a sleek unboxing experience that your customers will remember and it will give your brand a high rank in the market.

Standard and collapsible styles:

 These magnetic closures come in standard and collapsible styles. If we look at the standard style, it is stronger and more durable in nature. And if we talk about collapsible magnetic rigid boxes, they are flat during the shipping process. That can reduce your shipping and handling costs. These boxes normally come with double-sided tape. This tape can help to adhere to the collapsible faces of the box making it secure for the customers.

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Telescopic rigid boxes:

Telescopic, or telescope rigid boxes can also be denoted as a top-load. It is a  box, or lid and trays rigid packaging with the lid coming off of the base steeply. Higher-end telescope boxes are made with complete measurements. This will allow the box to have friction and a slow-opening speed, so the base can slowly slide out from under the lid. Telescopic boxes are sturdier than most rigid box styles. Moreover, there are four faces of both the lid and base, and they overlap when closed. Therefore, so many brands are manufacturing these boxes, which makes them an ideal choice for products. That makes a robust packaging option. These boxes are the best for products, that you want to keep straight for the customers when they open a box.

Partial cover rigid boxes:

These boxes are the sub-type of telescopic rigid boxes. In this type of box lid only covers part of the base, making it easier for the box to open and close.

Drawer Style Rigid Boxes:

Whenever you enter a shop, something is satisfying about pulling a drawer out. Especially, a small box-sized drawer with a unique product inside it. You can also call this box a slipcase, or match rigid box. So, anyone opens it the same as a matchbox. Somehow, these boxes have a ribbon pull or semi-circle hole. This thing makes drawer-style rigid boxes similar to telescopic rigid boxes with different angles. Integrated mechanisms are best for drawer-style box preparation. These are basically for child safety. Therefore, it can avoid young children from opening products that are harmful to them.

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Book Style Rigid Boxes:

Book-style rigid box means a box that is creative and innovative open because it opens like a hardcover book. You can make it with a straight or rounded spine to make it feel exactly like a book Moreover, you can also add to this rigid packaging style. While this is an exceptional packaging style and it can be very beneficial to add to your brand identity depending on your niche.

Shoulder Neck Rigid Boxes:

This type of rigid box has manifold layers, including a different nick or shoulder inner layer that a lid can lay on top of. This is an outstanding type of packaging if you want to create an exceptional unboxing experience. Moreover, it can be customized further to match your brand colors and styles. Once you are done with this type of rigid box packaging, the next step is to think about what type of products will go inside. Designers often select to leave the neck portion of the shoulder-neck rigid box moderately exposed to give a multi-packaging impression that can create a sense of secret for customers as they gaze upon a high-end product.

Additional Packaging Materials

Additional packaging materials like box inserts are very common when designing rigid packaging boxes. Packaging inserts are highly suggested when you’re looking to get an eventual unboxing experience with a rigid box.

Summing up

So, rigid packaging offers a luxury feel that will help you increase your customer’s experiences. They will build a strong brand image, that can help you to increase your sales.