Music players for Android in 2022

Music players for Android

 Music players might be difficult to find the finest music applications for Android, especially if you want high-quality audio. The Google Play Store offers a wide variety of music applications. To make it easier for you to locate all the great applications in one place, Android Police has put together a list of the top local music players for Android. Therefore, this list is for you whether you’re searching for something simple that may be readily customised or need a behemoth that supports several DACs.


Poweramp is capable of living up to its name. You may import HTTP streams from sites like Digitally Imported in addition to playing a variety of local audio file types. To replace the large void left by mp3juices Play Music’s abrupt departure, it provides compatibility with Android Auto, Chromecast, and Google Assistant. Bassheads may change the bass and treble using an equalisation tool that is really simple to use. Direct Volume Control is an additional option for a wider dynamic range and deeper bass (DVC). By choosing the “Speaker (Loud)” setting in the equaliser, you may simply increase the gain and get loud results when listening to music on your phone.

In overall, I enjoy the way Poweramp looks and feels. No matter what menu item you’re looking for—playlists, streaming, or all music—you can find it quickly. You may pick from a variety of animated visualisations that show over the user interface or completely take over your screen as an ambient display if you’re having a party, even if it’s just you and them. Poweramp is a feature-rich utility with hidden possibilities in the Settings menu.

Onkyo HF

The Onkyo HF Player should be on your radar if you’re an audiophile seeking for a lot of support, especially for DSD playback, even if the Onkyo HF Player Poweramp is a strong y2meta music player. To get the most out of this programme, use a DAC and FLAC or WAV files, as they both deliver high-resolution audio. The user interface is chic and easy to use, with a touch-adjustable linear-phase FIR equalisation that allows 16,384 individual bands to precisely tune in your chosen sound. The application is free to download and use, but if you like what you see, you can completely unlock it for $3.

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BlackPlayer EX

One of the better options is BlackPlayer EX since it is premium right out of the box thanks to an upfront investment. A handful of paid applications are included in the roundup for today. A fully featured local music player with light and dark themes, equalisation, bass boost, virtualization, and support for every sort of music file you can imagine is available for $3.50. This player is ideal for anybody who appreciates customising their technology because it is very configurable, fits in with the surroundings, and has a stylish appearance. Additionally, choosing an app only based on how visually beautiful it is won’t lower the sound quality.

HiBy Music

If you want to play lossless hi-fi music, HiBy Music is a wonderful alternative because it offers strong support for a variety of y2meta codecs. If you have a USB DAC, the app’s direct USB audio output is great and even has a built-in 10-band EQ.

Even if some aspects, such as the rationale for the $10 IAP, are not mentioned on the Play Store page, the app’s style makes it simple to peruse.

HiBy Music is a fantastic alternative because it’s totally free to use.


The Omnia is a fully functional music player with a focus on music playback within, despite its plain look. It is a sibling programme of Pulsar Music Player, the other programme on this list.

Smart playlists, lossless audio support for Asura scans, Windows Media playlist playback compatibility, and other basic Omnia features are all included. It syncs with Last.FM and is compatible with Google Cast and Android Auto. The Material Design aesthetic of the Omnia app is gorgeous, but any customization outside of the dark and light options costs $2.99. A 10-band equaliser, 15 presets, and a reverb panel powered by Freeverb are also unlocked for a one-time fee.