Why Zipfy Is the Must-Have Sled This Winter

There’s a reason that sledding has been one of the most popular winter activities for centuries. Sliding down a snowy hill on a frosty day or evening is great fun alone or in groups. It can be a perfect social occasion for friends and family to gather. As kids cheerfully race down a hill, the adults can chat. Sledding get-togethers are also ideal for outdoor pot-luck dinners; everyone can bring hot, cold, or finger foods. Various types and sizes of devices can be used for sledding, but in recent years, many fans of the sport have chosen a Zipfy. These sleds are uniquely designed for speed and control.

A Distinctive Sled

Technically, it’s possible to slide down a hill in the now riding on anything from a trash can lid to a basic, small sled. But for those who want to do more than get from the top of the hill to the bottom haphazardly, it takes a specially designed sled like the Zipfy. Sledders who want the most thrilling experience can visit and order one in their favorite color.

Zipfy sled

Sleds are light and bright, giving users carve control as they whoosh along. Carve control is a technique used by skiers and other winter athletes, and it means turning sharply by shifting a device on its edge. Zipfy riders sit on a small seat and use a handle. Their feet are straight out in front of them, making it easy to stop.

Sleds Are Durable

Most sleds sold in retail stores are flimsy and often don’t survive more than one or two seasons of heavy use. The Zipfy is constructed of hard-density polyethylene that can last for years.

Each device can hold up to 250 pounds so the whole family can use them. The sleds are wise investments that make it easy to get plenty of healthy outdoor exercise for many winters.

Transportation Is Easy

Whether you want to grab a sled and ride down a nearby hill or pack up your gear for a winter vacation, Zipfys is the ideal size and weight. Sleds are light, making them portable and easy to carry. They are 21″ long x 13″ wide x 16″ tall, so they fit easily into vehicles, and transporting them is simple.

The Design Is Great for Maneuvering

A conventional sled gives the user little control, so choosing the straightest paths is crucial. However, the Zipfy is designed for control. The user travels with their feet straight out in front of them, allowing maximum speed. The posture makes it easy to avoid obstacles and stop when necessary.

The Zipfy handle is molded to the base, so sledders can make precise moves as they race down hills. They can even make moves replicating Olympic slalom runs, providing an exciting experience unmatched by traditional sleds.

Sledding is an incredibly popular winter sport because it offers healthy fun and can be an ideal group social activity. It’s especially exciting with a Zipfy sled. Sledders can race down hills at maximum speeds and enjoy the excitement of carving snow as Olympic athletes do. The Zipfy sled is a lightweight, durable device for sledders of all ages.