Paper Or Plastic Bags? What Should You Offer In Your Business?

Bags are such everyday objects that not receiving one when making a purchase can seem strange. How to identify which is the best option between paper bags and plastic bags? According to the benefits and disadvantages of each one.

When a business must choose the bag that will be used to contain the products it sells, it needs to study budgets, advantages and if the chosen option identifies with its brand identity. For example, plastic bags are cheap, but paper bags are a step towards ecological responsibility.

If you are looking for the best bags online shopping for your business; you should have the advice of packaging professionals, who can help you understand the benefits of recycled paper, along with other eco friendly materials, instead of plastic bags.

The Need To Offer Bags In Your Business

Utility and practicality are the main characteristics that bags used in a business must offer, but it must also be taken into account that this implement can become a means and a tool for marketing strategies.

By offering printed bags in your business with the necessary elements to inform, educate and even entertain customers, the opportunity is generated to introduce the image and vision of your business to their home, and to build loyalty.

In addition to providing security in the transfer of products, it is also necessary to offer a bag that identifies with your brand; to give added value; with this note of professionalism: a brand that takes care of its image inspires trust in customers.

Businesses must exist in the daily life of their consumers, as that presence can also be a way of advertising, by generating an approach and strengthening ties with buyers, making other people interested in your brand.

What Kind Of Bags Do You Offer?

What bag is suitable to offer in your business? It is a question that the owners of brands and enterprises must answer considering the best according to the materials that compose it, its design and the purpose it will have.

At present, the competition in the market is debated between two types: paper bags and plastic bags. The former are a symbol of social responsibility, they are eco friendly and the latter are being banned due to the environmental damage they cause.

Conventional Plastic Bags

These are the bags that are most present in the mind of the public, because, after all, it is an easy item to use and throw away. However, its simplicity hides a manufacturing and disposal process that causes serious environmental damage. That is why plastic bags have been banned in several countries around the world.

Therefore, they are not the best alternative for your business. In addition, its low cost only encourages excessive consumption, which does not measure the consequences that this non-biodegradable material generates.

The Innovative Paper Bags

Although not new to the industry, paper bags have become a valuable innovation in favor of the environment, since they can be made from recycled paper. And these bags, in turn, can be recycled again, and become part of a sustainability cycle.

These bags can also be printed, becoming a promotional tool. Consumers are increasingly demanding, and they not only want quality products: they also want their purchase to provide a benefit.

Paper bags are a great option to choose for any commercial item: food (there are bags made with materials that are resistant to moisture and fatty compounds), clothing, beauty items, and technologies, among others.


Choosing between plastic and paper bags is not a difficult decision. You just have to know how harmful the plastic bag is for the environment, and the cost that its use implies for the planet and the health of the world population.

Paper bags are back to stay by allowing businesses that use them to increase their competitiveness in the marketplace. If you are looking for the best team of professionals, Paper SRL will help you choose the best bags and wrappers according to the needs of your business.