Parking in Denver International Airport: What to Know

Denver is the most populous city in Colorado and one of the busiest cities in the USA. The majority of entrance and exit to the city is via the Denver airport. Either international or domestic flight. Whatever the reason one might need to be at the airport, there are certain things one needs to know before going. One such thing is the mode of parking vehicles at this airport. Having an idea of what parking at the airport entails beforehand will help one to be prepared ahead. Some of these includes: 

Parking Space

The airport is one of the busiest places in the country. Everyone has one business or the other there. Either to travel or pick up someone or for business purposes. Whatever the reason might be, the busyness makes it quite difficult for one to find a parking spot. Because most people come in their cars, some even leave them at the airport until they are back from their trip; the airport staff also have their cars there. Hence, lack of space is a common problem. 


The airport is not only busy but also very expensive. Many people have the ideology that people at the airport are rich so those who work there deem it fit that everything else should be expensive. Anyways, the car section is not excluded. Due to the high demand for parking spaces and difficulty in finding one, the parking section charges a fee before one can park their vehicle. This fee is also used to maintain the parking section of the airport. Although one can book online to save on expenses.

Unlike the parking fee, the cost of renting vehicles is lesser and Denver airport rental prices are quite affordable. On arrival in the city, one can rent a car from the DEN car rental company at the airport or nearby. Or if it is a van that one wants, one can get from van rentals Denver International Airport.

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Types of Parking Section

Depending on one’s choice, one can choose to park their vehicles at a place of their choice. At the airport, different parking sections vary in the availability of space, additional benefits like more security, and price. Some of them include: 

  • VALET: these kinds of car parks are generally very expensive although they are the closest to the airport terminal. One can easily park their vehicle, walk a bit to the terminal and begin the check-in process. It is worth it if you consider convenience a top priority. The only disadvantage is the exorbitant price.
  • DAILY TERMINAL PARKING: This car park is less expensive than the valet is but it is also convenient. It has a covered parking garage and is close to the airport terminal. The downside is that the parking fees can add up to your parking charges long-term.
  • ECONOMY CAR PARK: These car parks are the least expensive parking lot on-site. They are not as close to the airport terminal as Valet and Daily terminal car park, therefore one needs to board a shuttle bus to get to the main airport terminal. Alongside that, it is an uncovered parking spot with fewer benefits than the previous ones.
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As earlier stated, the airport is one of the busiest places so traffic is bound to happen here. Due to the high number of people going in and coming out, there is always congestion of vehicles en route to and inside the airport itself. The preferred solution that most people opt for is to leave home hours earlier than their scheduled flight time so as not to miss it.

Renting a Vehicle

Sometimes driving to the airport and being stuck in traffic can be exhausting. Worse if one is in a hurry and has to leave their vehicle midway somewhere else. To avoid this, some people use taxis like uber, bolt, uklon, etc. Instead of the taxi option, one can rent a van in Denver from any rental company next to them. When they get to the airport, they can easily drop it off at the rental company or the company can pick it up.


Aside from the problem of expenses connected to airport prices, there is the issue of security. The airport is not entirely safe as people think it is. The security at the airport does not cover every section so there is a high chance of one paring their vehicle and returning to a damaged one. And no one but oneself will be held accountable as everyone is responsible for their vehicle’s safety. There are many things to know before parking at the airport. Visit here for more information.