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The condition of the tyres significantly influences the lifespan of your car. Tyres protect everything, including how it looks and how it works. There are numerous tyre brands available, just like everything else. When selecting something important for your car, it is worthwhile to conduct a comprehensive examination. Let’s take a closer look at it to achieve the best outcome.

Ashok Motors is your finest option if you’re looking for the top Pirelli tyre dealers in Noida. They offer relatively affordable tyres of excellent quality. Pirelli has been a pioneer in the tyre manufacturing industry ever since its establishment in 1872. A few high-end automakers for which the firm is renowned for creating tyres that exactly fit them include Lamborghini, Maserati, Audi, Porsche, and BMW.

Characteristics of low-pressure tyres

The letter VF IF, or high degree of flexion More flexing is frequently seen on tyres with low pressure. They stand out because of their outstanding flexion and deflection abilities. Its casing has a substantially higher deflection capacity than a regular tyre. As a result, they can be utilised in the fields at a pressure of 0.8 bar rather than the 1.2 bar required for ordinary tyres without the risk of damage. Both soil compaction and productivity will be significantly impacted by the size of VF tyres, which are usually larger than conventional tyres. They may have been given the go-ahead for top speeds of 70 km/h, depending on the source.

They offer a greater load capacity.

Low-pressure tyres might be able to carry more weight. These modern variations are capable of supporting up to 40% more weight on the same size wheel. This benefit is particularly useful while towing large vehicles during harvest. Low-pressure tyres permit regular driving pace due to their more durable structure, which decreases travel time from a field to a storage facility and back.

You need less time to change the tyre pressure.

The pressure difference between the road and the fields must be adjusted while using regular tyres. On agricultural surfaces, the inflation pressure must be kept to a minimum to reduce the possibility of slippage. But driving with low tyre pressure can seriously harm the tyre casing. Pressure must be increased to less rolling resistance.

Difference between tyres with and without tubes

An inflated tube is contained inside a tyre with a tube shape. Even on rocky roads, the air in this tube serves as a cushion and ensures a smooth ride. The line evens out the weight of the car, which enhances dynamic stability. 

On the other hand, a tubeless tyre does not need an internal air tube. The air is shut off from the wheel rim and tyre. Compared to tyres with lines in them, these tyres deflate more gradually. The vehicle’s unsprung weight is lessened by the lighter tubeless tyres. By enhancing the car’s handling and manoeuvrability, performance is increased. These tyres feature continuous rib mouldings built into the beads to seal the tyre pressure.

Advantages of tubeless tyres

  • The driver has adequate time to travel to the closest tyre repair facility because the deflation rate is modest and consistent. Due to the vehicle’s moderate rate of deflation, the driver has plenty of time to slow it down.
  • Driving with less resistance will make the vehicle feel lighter.
  • Make sure the handling and ride are more pleasant.
  • compared to tube-style tyres, are stronger and last longer.
  • A tubeless tyre may be rapidly and simply fixed. If you keep adding air, your car will drive far.
  • The direct contact between the rim and the air improves heat dissipation.

P7 Cinturato(*) Run Flat 225/55 R16 tyre

The sports sedans and coupes that the Pirelli Cinturato P7 Run Flat tyre is designed for. It runs on flat technology, which enables it to be driven at a speed of up to 80 km/h when punctured, and it handles well, offers the driver a smooth ride, and has good fuel economy.

Cinturato P7, Pirelli’s first “Green Performance” tyre, was developed to fully utilise the most recent materials, structures, and tread pattern design to ensure savings and respect for the environment, as well as comfort and safety on all types of roads.


  • Thanks to flat run-on technology, it can still be driven up to 80 km/h when punctured.
  • A comfortable and enjoyable driving experience is provided by the optimised tread pattern and specific pitch pattern.
  • Outstanding safety and control in potential aquaplaning scenarios thanks to four large longitudinal grooves.

Scorpion Verde All Season 215/60 R17 tyre

The Pirelli Scorpion Verde is an all-season touring tyre that is lightweight and fuel-efficient. The Green Performance tyre line created especially for crossovers and SUVs is called Scorpion Verde All Season. It fully utilises Pirelli’s most recent components, frameworks, and tread designs to ensure financial savings, environmental sensitivity, comfort, and safety on all types of road conditions.

Benefits and Features:

  • The sophisticated tyre tread composition with silica in it is designed to respond to shifting weather and track conditions.
  • As a result, traction is assured on both dry and rainy tracks, and usability is raised.
  • By dispersing stress and limiting early wear in one area, the asymmetrical tread design ensures consistent, even contact with the ground.


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