Pros and Cons of Writing an Infographic Cv

The job market can be quite competitive, but some job seekers are choosing to stand out from the crowd by using tools like graphical resumes. Infographic resumes are becoming increasingly popular among creative job seekers, but whether you should use one depends on a number of variables.

Let’s first get to know about what are infographic resumes.

What is Infographic Resumes?

The idea behind an infographic resume is that a picture really does speak a thousand words. It differs from traditional resumes in the way that it incorporates graphic design aspects. This type of resume uses layouts, fashionable fonts, colors, and icons to present the material, in contrast to a regular resume, which normally uses text to deliver information about abilities, experience, and education in a top-to-bottom style.

Where can you utilize an Infographic Resume?

Although resumes with visual information may be more visually attractive, not all employers will accept them. Be sure it’s done professionally if you’re going to use one. Nothing will damage your job quest more quickly than a shoddy infographic resume. Here are several scenarios in which an infographic resume might be effective because your potential employer will undoubtedly conduct an internet search on you:

  • Your blog or website
  • Your online resume
  • Linkedin profile of you
  • Pinterest page of yours

What are the Pros of writing an Infographic Resume?

It has a nice appearance.

Some people could say that the conventional CV format is really dull and uninteresting. Basically, it’s chunks of text and paragraphs written on a blank sheet of paper. Because of this, a recruiter can find an infographic CV to be a rather new and refreshing touch to the old formats. This type of CV might attract the recruiter and they give it more time which increases the chances of getting a call for an interview.

It makes its point.

An infographic’s goal is to present information in clear, manageable chunks and a visually appealing manner. This helps to succinctly summarize why you’re qualified for the position, which is especially helpful considering the likely large number of applicants the reader will have to sort through. With just a glance at this type of CV, the recruiter will understand what information is being conveyed.

It displays your artistic talents

Instead of just listing your creative abilities, an infographic CV is excellent for demonstrating them. It’s the ideal time to make an infographic CV if you’re applying for a position where these are necessary.

An infographic CV, for instance, might help you highlight your skills, abilities, and what contribution you can make to the job you are applying for.

What are the Cons of writing an Infographic Resume?

It might be turned down.

By submitting this type of CV you are running the danger of getting a quick rejection from employers. This is due to the fact that evaluating CVs may be a complex manual procedure, and many companies now employ Application Tracking Systems (ATSs) to quickly sort through applications.

This presents a challenge because ATSs don’t frequently interpret images. Be thoughtful when choosing the type of job you’re applying for to prevent this from happening to you. In case of uncertainty, ask the recruiter. Get confirmation related to the requirements before submitting the CV.

The assembly takes a lot of time.

A standard paper has a template, while this type of resume does not have templates. This indicates that there is a good amount of room for imagination. And although this could be helpful, it can also take a lot of time to creatively craft the perfect CV with all of the information. 

After all, you need to prepare how you’ll arrange it before really putting it together. In view of this, be sure to allow yourself enough time to build it. It will be a long and creative process of crafting a flawless, visually appealing, and creative CV.

Restricting the addition of information

The best use of infographics is to summarize large amounts of data. This means that it could be challenging to provide information about your career experience or qualifications through visuals. Many recruiters might not be able to understand the information being conveyed. You would have to reduce the amount of information and due to this, you might not be able to include essential facts about your educational and professional background. 

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