Ready For The January Clash Royale Events And Tournaments?

Buy Clash Royale Gems from U7Buy today and dominate the arena! A new year has begun and the Clash Royale list of events for January has been made available. Clash Royale events are your gateway to a dynamic and ever-changing experience that keeps players engaged throughout the entire month. Let’s see what events we can play in the next few days! Each event has a three-day challenge period. It also can be played in 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2 games.

Clash Royale Cannoneer Launch

Date: January 1st – January 8th

January kicks off with a challenge that invites players to use the new tower troop in games. The troop was teased a few days before the start of the challenge. As everyone has guessed before the launch of the event, the new tower troop is none other than the Cannoneer. The reward for taking part in this event is a banner decoration.

Clash Royale Standard Royal Tournament

Date: January 6th – January 10th

Are your Clash Royale skills ready to be put to the test? There is only one way to find out. You have four days during which you can match deck-building skills and strategies against others

Clash Royale Cannoneer Draft

Date: January 8th – January 15th

We couldn’t have a Cannoneer event without a draft-based mode. Just like the launch event, this challenge is also based on the new troop. This time, we will have to build decks using the Cannoneer. The deck-building options are flexible, so participants are expected to play around with the new troop. The exclusive reward is a banner frame.By the way, if you want more decks to win the game. Visit U7Buy to shop today and receive your gems in a blink!

Clash Royale Valkyrie Evolution Draft

Date: January 15th – January 22nd

The new evolved Valkyrie is here and we cannot let that go unnoticed. This is the 11th Clash Royale evolution. Until now, only common cards evolved. The Valkyrie is the first card to break this mold. The stats remain the same, it is the abilities that change. This will be an interesting tactical challenge. Those who don’t shy away from it are rewarded with a banner decoration.

Clash Royale Classic Draft Royal Tournament

Date: January 20th – January 24th

This draft format invites players to try their hand at building decks. Are these decks good enough? Take place in the draft-based mode of the tournament and see where your skills take you.

Clash Royale 3 Elixir Mirror

Date: January 22nd – January 29th

We don’t have any info about this event, but we are pretty sure that it has something to do with elixirs. This associated challenge for this event starts on January 26th. What could this be all about? A new banner frame is at stake.

Clash Royale Dark Elixir

Date: January 25th – February 5th

The dark elixir is taking over the arena. This event will be based on the Dark Elixir deck that gives troops and spells. If you are interested in the challenge part, make sure to be online on February 2nd. The reward is better as it consists of a banner frame and decoration.

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