Reasons to Consider Wearing Raw Gemstone Jewelry

When buying jewelry, most people choose beautifully-cut gemstones. Prioritizing the cut does have its advantages: for diamonds, cut is one of the most critical factors to look for, as it directly influences the brilliance and sparkle of the stone. For colored gemstones and crystals, though, the cut of the stone doesn’t really make that much of an impact on its beauty. If anything, it only makes the piece more expensive without really enhancing its appearance.

Raw gemstone jewelry refers to jewelry made with gemstones that are not cut, polished, or shaped. Because no two gemstones or crystals are alike when they are discovered or mined, the pieces that they are set into are as gorgeous as they are inherently unique. They possess a more natural beauty, and they’re very much on-trend right now.

Raw vs. tumbled gemstones

Each gemstone and crystal that has been pulled from the earth possesses unique properties. In ancient times, they were viewed as objects of power, carrying various health and spiritual benefits. Many of those beliefs continue to persist today throughout several cultures.

Those who believe in crystal healing are often very particular about the crystals and stones that they wear and use in their rituals. They believe that they project different energies, and can absorb the energy and intent of whoever handles them. It is prevalently thought that raw gemstones, in their untreated and unpolished state, give off a purer and more intense energy, having been handled less by others.

The process of tumbling crystals and gemstones causes them to become smoother and more rounded. This, too, can affect the energy that they emanate. It’s said that they project a softer and subtler energy that radiates in all directions, making them safer and easier to use.

The benefits of wearing raw gemstones and crystals

There are plenty of reasons why you may want to choose raw gemstone jewelry over pieces made with tumbled or polished stones.

They are extremely powerful

As mentioned above, the energy that raw gemstones and crystals give off is far purer and more intense than their tumbled or polished counterparts. It remains intact and unmodified, and because no two gemstones or crystals are alike, it possesses a unique signature that you can harness for yourself. Raw gemstones and crystals also vibrate at the highest frequency, giving you a stronger connection to the earth. The energy that they emanate can also significantly transform the way you function, as well as how you get in touch with yourself. Simply put, they are an extremely powerful tool that can help you reach your fullest potential.

They are beautifully unique

Every raw gemstone and crystal that is pulled from the earth is distinctively beautiful and unique. You can be sure that no one else will have the exact size or shape of your stone. Raw gemstones and crystals also have a naturally uneven, unmarred appearance that make them visually interesting, making them stand out from traditional jewelry pieces.

They’re very in

As more and more people are getting into crystal healing and the boho chic trend, the demand for raw gemstone jewelry has risen commensurately. Their appeal isn’t just restricted to enthusiasts anymore; you can find celebrities and influencers wearing them both for their appearance and their unique properties.

Raw gemstone jewelry recommendations from Ice Imports

Ice Imports’ extensive catalog includes a wide selection of raw gemstone jewelry.

This rough amethyst necklace features a beautiful rough-cut amethyst stone that is set in 925 sterling silver, dangling from a silver chain. It’s a versatile piece that goes well with any outfit. Amethyst is one of the most protective gemstones used in crystal healing, and is believed to be a natural tranquilizer that can soothe feelings of anger, anxiety, and fear. It may also enhance your intuition and improve your spiritual awareness.

Another great option from their collection of raw gemstone jewelry is this triple neon apatite ring. It features three rough apatite crystals set in 925 sterling silver, arranged in a striking and statement-making manner. In crystal healing, apatite is used to enhance one’s insight and creativity while improving their learning. It’s a great option for students, as it can help you focus and concentrate on your studies better.

This rough emerald ring is also an excellent selection. Emerald is one of the most popular stones used in jewelry–Ice Imports offers this gorgeous green stone in its rawest form. This is a great gift for anyone born in May, as emerald is their birthstone. It has frequently been associated with rebirth, bountifulness and fertility, and is said to give off a nourishing and regenerative energy. Those who choose to wear this ring will certainly find themselves feeling more vibrant and renewed.

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