10 Reasons to Hire Node.js Developers for Your Back-end Web Application

Finding qualified nodejs developers can be difficult, as these developers are in high demand and short supply. However, if you choose to hire nodejs developers to build your web application’s back-end, you’ll increase the reliability of your application, improve the performance of the site, and increase the speed at which your application loads on visitors’ computers. Here are 10 reasons why hiring nodejs developers will benefit your back-end web application development.

1) Strong Community

The Node.js community is a major component of what makes it so beneficial for web application developers, due in large part to the diversity of options and the free exchange of ideas from those who use it daily. A major selling point with any technology is its availability and ease of learning, and with libraries like NPM making sharing modules more straightforward than ever before, there are ample opportunities to share your own module with a huge number of developers who might never have even thought about something you created that solves their very specific problem!

2) Open Source

You may not have realized it, but the back-end of your web application is just as important as the front end. You’ll need developers who are talented at using Node.js, a server-side development language that’s in high demand with developers who want to scale their apps globally!

3) Easy Learning Curve

Node.js development has a steep learning curve, so make sure you’ve got the people in place with the skills required from day one. If you’re looking for your first Node developer, the best person will be someone who’s not intimidated by new languages and is flexible about what front-end frameworks are used.

4) Great Performance

JavaScript, the engine behind Node.js, is a lightweight runtime environment that allows developers to build complex, real-time applications with low latency and high throughput – which could explain why it’s become so popular with Silicon Valley startups these days. Node.js also allows programmers to build an app from scratch in JavaScript on both the client and server sides; this means they only need one programming language throughout the entire development process instead of constantly switching between languages and frameworks as they create different types of apps.

5) Growing Demand

More and more people are using their computers to shop, access entertainment, and find social connections online. This means the demand for back-end web developers is exploding as new sites require this type of expertise on their own staff or through freelancers on a contract basis. The growing demands of the web has created a lot of pressure for companies who need backend developers to grow quickly and create new products faster than ever before.

6) Industry Support

The biggest reason that we’re seeing more and more people using Node.js is because companies are hiring node developers, who are probably also using it on their own. In addition, it’s being used by some big name companies like IBM (NYSE:IBM), Yahoo! (NASDAQ:YHOO), and Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX). It also runs on Google’s V8 JavaScript engine making it a really viable option if you want your application running in the browser.

7) Cost Effectiveness

Node.js is an important back-end programming language as it allows developers to create and deploy web applications in a very cost effective manner. Plus, it’s also incredibly fast, meaning that your customer can get an even better user experience than before thanks to faster load times and increased speed with which the application performs.

8) Support Multiple Paradigms

The Node.js framework enables programmers to write back-end applications using JavaScript and Google’s V8 JS engine, which also powers many of their search pages as well as AdWords or Chrome. Building back-up with Node Js, developers are able to work on a single type of language while connecting their various programs, an aspect that makes them a reliable asset in the future of technological advancements within software design and development.

9) Scalability

Node.js is often referred to as a non-blocking system which allows it to efficiently handle multiple requests at the same time without causing overhead on resources like memory or processor usage. The asynchronous nature of the language also avoids possible stalls and provides a more fluid experience for customers by eliminating loading screens between pages and parts of pages.

10) Cross-Platform

Node.js is one of the best technologies today to create cross-platform web applications that are efficient, reliable and scalable. Whether you need a new back-end web application or your current one requires improvement, there’s no doubt that the world of Node js development is expanding rapidly and even includes smartphones such as iOS or Android. It offers high scalability and allows developers to create microservices easily. If you’re looking for a way to streamline the process of hire nodejs developers, why not try an ATS from GigTricks?