Reddit a social platform

Reddit is a social news website where users submit content to each other. Content includes links to websites, videos, images, articles, polls, and other types of posts. Users can comment on submitted content, vote on submissions, and subscribe to subreddits (sub-forums) to receive updates about specific topics. Subreddits are communities of people who share similar interests. Each subreddit has its own rules and guidelines for what kind of content should be posted.

Reddit’s Harmful Effects

Reddit is a social news website where users post links to articles and videos they find interesting. Users vote these posts up or down, making some popular and others not so much. These subreddits have their own rules, moderators, and communities.

Reddit’s Harmful Effect on Cannabis Culture

In 2014, the subreddit had over 1.8 million subscribers. As of September 2017, the subreddit has over 5.9 million subscribers. The subreddit has been criticized for its negative effects on the cannabis culture. Many people who use the subreddit feel that the community is toxic and harmful to the cannabis culture.

Reddit’s Harmful Impact on Society

There are many reasons why the subreddit is considered harmful to society. One of the biggest issues is that the subreddit encourages people to share information about illegal activities. This includes sharing information about drug cartels, drug dealers, and drug manufacturers. Another issue is that the subreddit promotes violence towards law enforcement officers.

Reddit’s Harmful Influence on Politics

Another major concern is that the subreddit influences politics. People often post political opinions and ideas on the subreddit. This includes posting comments about politicians, government policies, and how to change laws. This can cause problems between countries and lead to wars.

Reddit’s Harmful Role in the Media Industry

Reddit has become a huge force in the media industry. Companies like VICE and Buzzfeed rely heavily on the subreddit to get content out to the public. However, the subreddit has also been known to censor certain types of content. For example, if a company wants to promote a positive image of marijuana, they might be banned from the subreddit.

Reddit’s Harmful Use of Data

Reddit collects data about what kind of content gets shared on the subreddit. This helps them determine what type of content should be promoted. However, this data is only collected after the fact. This means that companies cannot control what gets posted on the subreddit.

Reddit’s Harmful Social Interaction

One of the biggest concerns about the subreddit is that it creates a toxic environment for people. People often argue about things that don’t matter. This includes arguing about politics, religion, and even personal relationships. This causes people to lose respect for each other and makes them less likely to interact with each other outside of the subreddit.


A subreddit is a subgroup of reddit. There are hundreds of thousands of subreddits, ranging from general interest to niche interests. A subreddit is created by anyone who wants to start their own community. To create a subreddit, users need to apply to have their subreddit approved by reddit administrators. Once approved, the user’s subreddit becomes visible to everyone else.

  • Comment

Users can leave comments under any post they want. If a comment contains offensive language, spam, or personal attacks, moderators may delete those comments.

  • Vote

Users can vote on comments. Voting is done using points. Points are given out based on how helpful or entertaining a comment was. When someone votes on a comment, they are giving that comment a point value. The person who wrote the comment gets the most points.

  • Post

Posts can be text, video, image, audio, poll, link, or anything else that fits within the site’s submission guidelines.

  • User

Users are the accounts that log into reddit. Every account has a username, display name, email address, date of birth, gender, location, and list of previous usernames


An account consists of a username, password, email address, profile picture, public and private messages, lists, subscriptions, and more


Upvotes are a way for users to express their appreciation for something. When someone submits a link, it can get buried under hundreds of other submissions if no one votes for it. To combat this problem, users can give a submission an upvote. If enough people do this, then the submission will rise to the top of the list.


Down votes are a way for people to express disapproval for something. When someone down votes a submission, it drops down the list of popular posts.

What is the Karma

You receive karma points for things like submitting good content, answering questions, and commenting on other users’ posts.

How to gain a Reputation

Reputation is a measure of how much trust other users have in you.


Facebook is a social networking website that enables its members to create personal profiles, post photos, chat with friends, and keep track of relatives and acquaintances using a family tree feature.


Twitter is a microblogging service that enables its users to send messages known as tweets via text message or email. Tweets consist of 140 characters or less and are displayed on the home page of the Twitter website.