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Reflexology table that traces points on the feet

For example, reflexology holds that a specific point on the arch of the foot corresponds to the bladder. When a reflexologies uses thumbs or fingers to apply adequate pressure to this area, it can affect bladder function.

Reflexology maps on the feet

Reflexologists use foot maps to guide their work. The left foot corresponds to the organs on the left side of the body and the right foot to the organs on the right side.

Massages during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the body goes through big changes. Massage during pregnancy can help with these changes, reducing stress, reducing swelling in the arms and legs, and relieving muscle and joint pain. Massage can be particularly helpful during a time when medications and other medical options may be more limited. Using specially designed massage pillows, the masseuse will help you get into a comfortable position for this type of and your stage of pregnancy.

What are the health benefits of massage?

Many types of massage offer benefits beyond simple relaxation. These are just some of the health problems that can be helped by massage. However, consult your doctor if you want to cure any disease through massage.

Back pain

 More than one study has shown the effectiveness of massage for back pain. On many occasions, it has been shown that pain that was initially attributed to the bones, due to its type and characteristics, was actually due to contractures in the back. The most common discomfort in the back occurs in the lower back and shoulders.


 Another type of pain, headache, also responds very effectively to therapies that feature massages. Some studies suggest that massage can reduce the number of migraines a person has and also improve sleep.


 In the first clinical trial looking at the effectiveness of Swedish massage for knee osteoarthritis, participants who received an hour-long massage once or twice a week had improvements in knee pain, stiffness, and function.

Cancer symptoms

  Used as an adjunct to traditional medicine, massage can promote relaxation and reduce cancer symptoms or treatment side effects. It can help reduce pain, swelling, fatigue, nausea, or depression, for example, or improve the function of your immune system. However, there are specific areas that a massage therapist should avoid in a cancer patient, as well as times when massage should be avoided altogether. You should always consult your doctor before receiving a massage if you have cancer.


 A study of 17 clinical trials found that massage treatments can help reduce depression. This again shows that massages not only have benefits in your physical state but also in your state of mind.

Body scrub is more than a massage

One of the most popular body treatments is the body scrub . Usually this treatment is more common on the face. But we must not forget the skin of the body, which is equal to or more important than that of the face. Even on some occasions more delicate, needing more attention. Also Read

It is not a massage in itself, although it is recommended that it be accompanied by a massage. Thus, in addition to leaving you with a rejuvenated, clean and shiny skin, you will be able to obtain a relaxing experience, both for your muscles and for your mind.

It is sometimes made with sea salt, but can be made with other products, such as coffee beans. The professional rubs a mixture with different or with a single product and with aromatic oils on your skin. This exfoliates the skin and leaves it fresh and smooth.

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