Review Japanese Damascus Chef knives set

Japanese Damascus Chef knifes set is the flagship of the Knife and Knives series of kitchen knives, made of V-Gold10 Damascus steel. Damask steel makes this item particularly reliable, allowing you to sharpen for longer periods of time.

The Japanese Damascus Chef knifes set is one of the most versatile kitchen knives designed for any task in the kitchen. It can easily handle vegetable slicing, vegetable slicing, meat slicing, and other products.

Key Features of Japanese Damascus Chef knifes set:

The Weight

The knife weighs 270 grams, which is the average weight of a chef’s knife. It is convenient and easy to work, the wrist is not tired during long cooking, but at the same time, the knife feels in the hand, unlike the light chain.

The Size

The length of the handle is 178 mm, the total length of the knife is 378 mm, And the length of the blade is 200 mm. The width of the stock is 4.4 mm lenticular.

Sharpening Type

There are several steps to sharpening the blade, including hand sharpening and polishing with a #5000 grit Waterstone at an angle of 15-17%.


It has the classic look of a European chef’s knife. The embossed Damascus steel blade is very wide, with a slight taper at the handle line. The shape of the blade allows you to balance it on the cutting board and make fast and precise cuts of food. The ergonomic G-10 fiberglass oval handle fits perfectly in the hand and does not slip while maintaining balance, giving you complete control over your cutting. The presence of antimicrobial reinforcement and the absence of rivets and interferences ensure that the knife meets high hygiene and durability requirements. The handle mount is a slot through a steel metal butt plate, featuring a Japanese character, and is designed to provide additional balance and control of the blade during operation.

Production Materials

The middle part of the head is made of high-performance VG10 carbon steel from Takefu Special Steel Company. It is protected by 67 layers of mild steel plates. The handle is made of G-10 composite fiberglass material, consisting of fiberglass and epoxy resin. Externally, it is very similar to Micarta, but differs in fire resistance and increased strength. A limiter is mounted in the palm of the hand at the end of the right handle.

Production Technology

In the chemical composition of VG-10 steel, a rare element is cobalt (Co), which makes it instantly stronger. VG-10 steel is quenched at a temperature of 1050-1100 °C, giving a hardness of about 61 HRC. While the flange already has a good life and good shear strength but is still not brittle. Is. It’s easy to speed up


The knife is sold in a branded black rectangular case with red velvet lining. It is firmly inserted due to the stops and special shape that does not allow the knife to fall. A beautiful knife with a great design would make a great gift.

Features of the Japanese Damascus Chef knife set

The Japanese Damascus Chef knifes set is a combination of the ancient. Art of metallurgy and the “high technology” of metallurgy.

Maintenance and storage

Caring for knives plays a very important role in their useful life and good condition.

The Japanese Damascus Chef set is a knife with many features that can handle any task in the kitchen. Like other professional multi-layer knives in modern industrial VG-10 Damascus, the Japanese Damascus Chef knifes set requires special care.

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