Exploring Your Roofing Options

No one welcomes roofing issues, as the cost of replacing a roof will always be substantial. When the time comes to replace a roof, home and business owners must face questions about the type of roofing material to install, the color, and hiring a contractor. Idaho Falls roofing experts offer some answers.

Finding a Contractor

The first problem to tackle is finding the best contractor. In many instances, friends or neighbors will gladly recommend roofers they trust, but that’s not always true. Not every roofing contractor is reliable, which means not all will receive rave reviews from past customers. A little research may be needed to locate possible contractors. Once a few names are collected and contractors are interviewed, the selection should be easier, and the contractor should provide the advice needed to resolve other issues.

Choosing a Roofing Material

In the past, roofing material options were pretty limited. Homeowners generally used asphalt shingles because they were affordable and readily available. Owners of commercial buildings used either built-up roofing, metal, or shingles, depending on a roof’s design. The roofing contractor would simply replace the existing roof with something similar.

Roofing Options

Today, both home and business owners have more options to consider. Homeowners still use asphalt or fiberglass shingles, but they also choose from metal roofing products, newer forms of lightweight roofing tiles, and even solar shingles and tiles. Commercial building owners still opt for built-up roofing in some cases, but most are now switching to EDPM, PVC, TPO, and other options. Owners looking for “green” solutions consider options like garden roofing systems. The point here is that the contractor selected should listen to the owner, evaluate the existing structure, and provide options that meet the owner’s needs and budgets.

The Color is Increasingly Important

While aesthetic issues contribute to the decision-making process when roofing material colors are selected, other factors should also impact that choice. For example, buildings in warmer areas are far easier to cool when a lighter color is selected to reflect the sun’s energy. Conversely, homes in areas with cold winters may benefit from installing a darker color that absorbs heat. With the costs of heating and cooling a building rising rapidly, a roof’s color will impact utility bills for years to come. Work with a contractor that demonstrates knowledge of heating and cooling principles and recommends ways to mitigate long-term energy costs for Idaho Falls residents.

Consider Future Maintenance

Most roofing materials require maintenance. Shingle roofing products, for example, typically require routine maintenance following storms or harsh winter weather. While metal roofing requires little maintenance, regular inspections are recommended to spot issues like flashing damage before leaks develop. The contractor selected should also provide routine maintenance services and be available to provide repairs when any damage occurs.

When Choosing a Contractor, Ask Questions

Far too many people select contractors without asking essential questions. The best Idaho Falls contractors welcome questions about their experience and insurance coverage, but those aren’t always the most important questions to ask. Find out how the contractor’s experience and qualifications make them the best option for repairing or replacing your home’s roof.