Root canal treatment steps for dental students

‘Root Canal Treatment’ You might have undergone this phrase many times when you’ve been to the dentist once. He might have suggested you opt for this treatment as one of the tooth replacement procedures. You might know the treatment and have heard about it.

But do you have an idea of how it is performed?

Do you know how dentists use root canal treatment steps to repair your teeth?

If yes, it’s okay. But if you don’t know, you can read this article to find it out.

What do you understand by the term root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is a treatment in dentistry in which the damaged and infected pulp is removed from the teeth, and the canals are cleaned thoroughly and then sealed with sealants.

The main aim of performing the root canal is to remove the infected and damaged pulp from your teeth and also protect your neighbouring teeth.

Root canals are performed either by the general dentists or the endodontist, depending upon the specialization level they have in dentistry. However, most root canals are performed by endodontists as they have an intense and thorough knowledge of them. You can visit the best dental clinic in Chennai or near you to avail yourself of an affordable and effective root canal treatment.

Can everyone get the root canal treatment?

Now the next question which might stimulate your mind is whether the root canal treatment can be performed on everyone. The answer to this is No. The root canal treatments are performed only on suitable candidates. So here are the eligible candidates for the root canal treatment;

  • If you are sensitive to hot or cold, you are the right candidate for root canal treatment.
  • You are ideal for root canal treatment if you have swelling around your teeth or in the gums.
  • You can get root canal treatment if you notice any blisters or other sores in the gums.
  • You can even opt for root canal treatment if you have any visible tooth injury in your gums.
  • You can opt for root canal treatment if you have pain in your tooth or jaw.
  • If you have a crack or swelling in your teeth, you can even have a root canal treatment done on your teeth.

These were some of the suitable candidates for root canal treatment.

Describe the root canal treatment steps in detail.


First, the dentists prepare the area or perform the root canal treatment in which they make the area around your gums numb to carry on with the treatment. It is the first step of root canal treatment.


The next step involves cleaning the canals; this is where the dentist cleans the canals. Here first, he drills the roots and cleans the canals by removing the pulp and the damaged root of the teeth.


Next, the dentists use tiny instruments to shape the canals. Here the dentists use dental tools to bring your canals to shape so that they can fill the canals with the fillings.


Now the dentists use the fillings to close the teeth hole of your mouth. Here they fill your mouth with the fillings. The dentists fill inside your teeth to make them strong and supportive.

Healing and Anti-biotics:

The next step involves using the anti-biotics, where the dentists prescribe antibiotics to the patients to ensure no more infections are left inside the canals. Here, the dentists will also provide some post-care instructions so they can take their treatment easily. They also offer some over-the-counter medications and sedatives to make your healing faster.

Adding crown:

The final stage of the root canal treatment is where the dentists place the crown on top of the root canal treatment. It is added and fabricated to match the existing crown. It helps to maintain the force of the root canal and maintains stability.

So these were the steps involved in performing the root canal treatment.

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What are the benefits of this root canal treatment?

Pain-free procedure:

One of the fantastic benefits of this root canal is its pain-free procedure. You won’t feel even a bit of pain during the root canal treatment procedure. Therefore treating your teeth with root canal treatment is the best option you can get for your teeth.

Cost Effective:

The root canal treatment is a cost-effective procedure and matches your budget. Chennai’s root canal treatment cost is around 5000-8000 INR. It is also easy to go with, just like natural teeth.

Protects the neighbouring tooth:

The root canal treatment protects your natural tooth from damage. As rotten teeth can leads to the spread of bacteria from one tooth to another, obtaining the root canal treatment would help to prevent the spread of infection in the entire mouth.

Maintains aesthetics:

The aesthetic of your face is also affected due to the missing of one or either tooth. Root canal treatment will also help you maintain your face’s aesthetics. Therefore root canal treatment is one of the fundamental tooth replacement procedures for your teeth.

So these were some of the benefits of the root canal treatment for your teeth.

Prevents extraction:

You can’t even know how painful is the tooth extraction. So to prevent your teeth from the painful tooth extraction procedure, you need to avoid that by opting for the tooth extraction procedure.

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