Satisfy Your Inner Watch Aficionado With a New Timepiece From Movado

Inside each typical, ordinary individual prowls an obsessive watch savage simply holding on to get out. The uplifting news for them is that Movado takes special care of your “inward watch fan” with many finely-made watches for all kinds of people. Here are a few models.

Men’s/Ladies’ Saphire Treated Steel Wristband Watch

This is the exemplary Movado watch on which all others in the product offering are based. It has a steel round case with a silver-tone arm band. A scratch-safe sapphire gem safeguards a round dark dial with silver-tone hands and the mark 10ATM water proof watch at the 12:00 position.

Men’s/Ladies’ S.E. Hardened Steel Arm band Watch

Other than the dark dial, the whole wristwatch is made of solid silver-tone. The case has four silver carries on top of it, and a dimpled design complements the arm band.

Men’s/Ladies’ Two-Tone Tempered Steel Wristband Watch

The hands and mark spot are gold hued, while the case is steel. It has a two-tone gold and wristband.

Men’s Juro Two-Tone Hardened Steel Wristband Watch

The case, hands, and mark dab are undeniably plated in gold. The wristband is two-tone and gold in an unexpected example in comparison to the customary two-tone Movado.

Men’s/Ladies’ Luno Two-Tone Tempered Steel Wristband Watch

This watch is basically the same as the Juro. The main genuine contrast can be found on the silver-tone wristband, which highlights half circles of gold accents down the center.

Men’s/Ladies’ Historical center Assortment Calfskin Tie Watch

On the off chance that you could do without wristband watches, this watch accompanies an agreeable dark calfskin lash all things being equal. It is accessible in either gold-tone or silver-tone case with matching hands and mark speck.

Ladies’ Mom of-Pearl Dial and Treated Steel Arm band Watch

A daintier variant of the exemplary Movado look, this watch’s silver-tone impeccable arm band is comprised of open circle joins. What’s more, the dial is made of staggering white mother-of-pearl.

Ladies’ Pink Dial and Hardened Steel Arm band Watch

This sensitive watch includes a pink dial rather than the standard dark tone. In addition, six white precious stones speck the silver-tone case, which matches the strong, non-connected wristband.

Ladies’ Eliro Swiss Quartz Hardened Steel Watch

This watch includes a rectangular case around the dark dial, which likewise has white stick file markers at the quarter hour positions. The case and wristband are both silver-tone.

Men’s Dark Dial Tungsten Arm band Watch

This piece’s case and arm band are made of striking silver-tone tungsten carbide, and the dial is bended rectangular rather than round.

Men’s Fiero Tungsten Carbide with Dark Elastic Wristband Watch

This is one more watch with a bended rectangular case. It likewise has a silver-tone tungsten carbide case, however the tie is made of sturdy dark elastic.

Men’s Fiero Dark Dial Tempered Steel Wristband Watch

This model has the entirety of the style and class of the Fiero Tungsten Carbide Watch. Be that as it may, the wristband is silver-tone and the case is worked with matching brushed and cleaned.

Men’s Fearlessness Swiss Quartz Tungsten Arm band Watch

The dial on this watch is completely rectangular. Other than the dark dial, the remainder of the watch is built with silver-tone tungsten.

Men’s Silver Mirror Dial and Treated Steel Wristband Watch

The unmistakable element of this watch is the sharp silver mirror dial. The hands and arm band are silver-tone.

Men’s Lesser Game Tempered Steel Arm band Watch

This watch is a lively interpretation of the exemplary Movado.Like a large number of its brethren, it has a silver-tone case with matching arm band. The bezel contains stick and mathematical record markers, and the dark dial has three subdials for minutes, seconds, and tenths of a second. Not at all like most Movados, the external ring of the dial gladly shows mathematical, dab, and stick file markers. The white radiant hour and moment hands stand out from the dark seconds hand and the dark sub dial hands. There are even square red markers at each quarter hour. The mark white speck is on the bezel rather than the dial.

Men’s Silver-Tone Dial Treated Steel Wristband Watch

This offering is the very same as the Lesser Game watch, however the significant distinction is the silver-tone dial, which likewise includes a date window at the 4:00 position.

Men’s 800 Series Swiss Made Quartz Chronograph Hardened Steel Watch

The markings on the dial of this watch are like those on the Lesser Game watch, however the dial face is white. Also, the hands are white (however the seconds hand is red-tipped) while the sub dials and list markers are dark. The 12:00 white speck is extremely inconspicuous. Likewise, the dial’s external ring has chronograph and tachymeter estimations. Concerning the outside, the treated steel case sports a unidirectional turning bezel with mathematical and stick record markers. The bezel has a dark external edge, and the look out’s is elastic highlighted with the letter M.

It’s alright to concede that you like how watches can help your general group. Fortunately, Movado has a lot of decisions to suit your style, tastes, and financial plan.