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What does the SEO consultant do? He acts, data in hand.

The professional figure of the SEO consultant

The SEO consultant is the person responsible for acquiring organic traffic from the search engine. 

By working on the client’s site (on-site) and outside the site to increase its authority (off-site), it identifies opportunities and intercepts potential customers. 

The SEO consultant’s task involves numerous activities and for this reason he usually has a broad portfolio of skills ranging from frontend programming, through to content development and data analysis.

The responsibilities of the SEO consultant

Plan, develop and measure everything that happens on the site.

  • ✅ Identify customer acquisition opportunities;
  • ✅ define the main project KPIs;
  • ✅ work with developers providing solutions to solve;
  • ✅ monitor the health of the site;
  • ✅ identify any negative SEO attacks and remedy them;
  • ✅ carry out careful keyword research;
  • ✅ analyze, measure and make decisions;
  • ✅ bring home the result.

Qualifications and characteristics of the good SEO consultant

Unlike other marketing activities, there are no official training schools in the SEO field. 

For this reason it is good to evaluate and know the qualifications and characteristics of the good SEO consultant.

  • ✅ Years of experience on proprietary sites;
  • ✅ numerous successful campaigns behind it;
  • ✅ testimonials from a good number of customers;
  • ✅ ability to interact with the customer;
  • ✅ knowledge of the main programming languages;
  • ✅ confidence with software and with the main evaluation metrics of a domain.

🏆 Ability to analyze data and provide evidence-based recommendations .

Who really needs an SEO consultant

Although SEO is always synonymous with quality, in some areas it can be more effective than in others. 

In general, SEO can make a real difference if:

  1. Sell ​​services or products aimed at a specific group of people.
  2. Your products solve a specific problem.
  3. You are planning and setting the business goals to be achieved in the next 6/12 months.
  4. You have an e-commerce and you have understood that thanks to SEO you can better position your products and get more visits.
  5. You want to get traffic on the site while saving on the HDV.
  6. You have a website that receives little traffic from search engines.
  7. Yours is a golden market with lots of relevant research and little competition.

The task of the SEO consultant during the startup

Try to imagine your website as a shop that you are about to open, SEO helps you to find and get the right place in the busiest point of the city. 

Thanks to this “privileged positioning” you will be able to count on a large number of people who are always intent on browsing inside, day after day and month after month.

But this is just one of the things you need to make your new business work. Oh yes, why do you also have to ask yourself …

  • Are the products you sell appealing to your audience?
  • Have you planned any promotional campaigns?
  • Do the shelves allow for an accurate and captivating display?
  • Do the shop assistants know how to do their job well in your shop?
  • Are the filing costs too high or can you afford them?

If you are a good entrepreneur and you are convinced that the answer is yes, know that in your case SEO can play a decisive role and help you increase traffic in favor of your goal: new leads and sales .