Signs and Symptoms You Must Be Aware Of- 10 DPO

10 DPO means ten days past ovulation. When the egg is released from the ovary, it is called ovulation. After reaching the fallopian tube, it fertilizes with the sperm. After getting fertilized, it moves to the uterus. There are certain hormones released after the process of conception which bring some significant changes in the body, like nausea, fluctuating energy levels along with other pregnancy symptoms. It is not mandatory, though, for all women to show similar symptoms. Some women do not even register any signs after the first missed periods, whereas others start finding changes after implantation. Implantation is followed up with the shift of progesterone to the placenta, which aims at supporting the body for pregnancy, 

Symptoms at 10 DPO

Basic symptoms that a body shows at 10 DPO:-

Abdominal cramps

Cramps are the early signs of pregnancy. Massaging and drinking an appropriate amount of water is very important. Regular exercising can also help with abdominal cramps. 

Morning sickness

This symptom can be present at any time during the pregnancy. Some smells or tastes can also trigger morning sickness, which can cause vomiting or uneasiness. 

Frequent urination

The urine production by the kidney increases as the blood flow increases. So frequent visits to the loo are everyday activities that pregnant women face. This symptom is also prominent during 11 DPO.

Problems in digestion

Constipation and gas are the primary digestive symptoms during pregnancy. This is the result of an increased intake of food and fibre. To avoid such situations, one must limit foods kike dairy products, broccoli, or beans. 

Tender breasts

The breast tissues react to the hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy. There mighrt be changes in the size and color of the breasts. They either swell or become extra sensitive. 


The changes in blood circulation and volume lead to mild headaches and dizziness. The right amount of fluid and water intake can help prevent these symptoms. 


An increase in progesterone in the body and water retention can cause bloating. There might be constant discomfort which will get better only after delivery. 

Back Pains

The rising progesterone levels loosen the muscles and limbs around the pelvic region. The loose ligaments can cause pain and discomfort. The loosening of limbs is to prepare the body for childbirth.  


The body needs double the energy during 10 DPO as it nourishes the fetus, so even after enough sleep and rest, the body may still feel tired.


The chance of getting positive results depends upon the HCG level in the body. Most cases report the occurrence of implantation around 8-10 days past ovulation. But the results vary from body to body. The major role of progesterone and estrogen during 10 DPO in the body determines the overall changes. The increased level of these hormones evolves the body drastically. Some of the pregnancy’s paramount characteristics are heightened mood swings to adverse bodily changes. Following the detailed prescription by the doctor and drinking plenty of water can help with all the problems during pregnancy.