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Skiing courses in Gulmarg lies on the southern tip of Kashmir Valley. The name Gulmarg is derived from Gul, which means pool of water and Mar, which means spring. Gulmarg is a resort which is spread over about 20 km in the western end of the Pahalgam valley. Skiing courses in Gulmarg is one of the most preferred activities as it provides a unique experience to the people. Skiing in Gulmarg is surrounded by the hills and green meadows. Gulmarg lies on the border between Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab and is situated at an altitude of about 3600 meters above the sea level. Gulmarg is the only valley in Kashmir that has skiing resorts. This resort lies on the lap of the Doda and Pir Panjal Himalayan ranges. Its main peaks include Pir Panjal, Saindak, Baghmalai, Thag and Siachen Peak.


One can enjoy skiing in Gulmarg in three different seasons; during summer, monsoon, and winter. If one visits the resort in the summer, it is full of green grass, while in monsoon, one can enjoy the snow along with green hills. One can enjoy skiing in the winter when the place is full of snow and clear waters. The skiing in Gulmarg is not only pleasant but it also is fun and exciting.

During the noon one can enjoy skiing at the height of 4530 meters. The skiing is conducted at the hill which is called Saindak Lake. The skiing courses in Gulmarg are conducted for about five hours. It is recommended to wear warm clothes which cover from head to foot. As the weather is unpredictable in this place, one should wear a warm jacket, gloves and ski gloves. A soft brimmed cap is also suggested to be worn while skiing in Gulmarg.

It is said that one should wear a watch on his wrist while skiing courses in Gulmarg. The temperature at the peak of Saindak lies between -25 to -40 degree Celsius. One should carry extra provisions while skiing in Gulmarg. One should be prepared for the chilly environment as well. A thick woolen sweater and thick socks are required to be carried during the skiing in Gulmarg. As the skiing here is quite adventurous and adventurous one should be ready for the adventures as well. The skiing here is not only fun but it is also full of challenges. The slopes of Saindak which are steep are recommended to be skied by expert skiers. As this place is the only mountain in Kashmir which has skiing resorts, it attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world.


There are several tourist packages which one can enjoy. They offer the best skiing experience. The tourist packages in Gulmarg offer skiing packages during the summer, monsoon and winter. Skiing in Gulmarg is a fun and adventurous activity. The skiing in Gulmarg takes place in various activities such as skiing, heli skiing, night skiing and downhill skiing. One can enjoy skiing in the lap of the snow covered mountains, the green hills, and the calm water of the Saindak lake

Places to visit 

Gulmarg Lake

Gulmarg lake is also one of the interesting things to do in Gulmarg. This lake is the biggest freshwater lake in the Valley of Kashmir. It has a great value for tourism. It is a must visit place for everyone. This place is connected with many other exciting places like Gulmarg peak, Gulmarg top, and Parachilal falls.

Gulmarg Peak

Gulmarg Peak is also another interesting and one of the most exciting place to do in Gulmarg. It is located on the top of Gulmarg. This is on the top of 2162 meters. It is an easy and an enjoyable place to do. Many tourists visit this place in summers and enjoy their holidays here. You can enjoy the beautiful views of Gulmarg. This place is also famous for its amazing adventures like zip-lining, cable car, mountain biking, etc.

Parachilal Falls

Parachilal Falls are also famous among the tourists. This place has some beautiful views of snow-clad mountains. The name of this place is coming from its beautiful falling water. Parachilal waterfall is located at Gulmarg from the North face of Chilakal mountain. It is the biggest waterfall in the valley.

Gulmarg Top

Gulmarg Top is also another popular place to do in Gulmarg. This place has amazing views of other places like snow-capped mountains, Gulmarg, and Parachilal falls. It is the highest point of the tourist places in Gulmarg. From this place, you will enjoy the amazing views of the Gulmarg, snow-capped mountains, and Parachilal falls.

Snow Skiing

Gulmarg is a popular and the most beautiful ski destination in Kashmir. One can enjoy skiing in Gulmarg. There are many attractions and things to do in this place. You can enjoy your trip here by skiing in Gulmarg. You can enjoy other attractions like Parachilal falls, Gulmarg lake, and Gulmarg top. All of these are the beautiful spots in this place. One can easily go for skiing in Gulmarg. One can enjoy the scenic views of this beautiful spot. You can also enjoy its beauty with your friends.

Gulmarg is a beautiful place to visit in winters

If you visit here in winters, you will have a great time and feel a lot of excitement. The climate is really nice and refreshing here in winters. Gulmarg is the main attraction here. You will not get this much excitement and thrill in any other place. One can enjoy the beautiful views of the snow-clad mountains and the wonderful valleys. Any one can enjoy the beautiful valley of Gulmarg in the winters. One can get a great time here with their family.