Technique and Product for Whitening Teeth

Options for whitening teeth

To whiten teeth, a variety of techniques and materials are available. We might not know what to use or which products are safe.

There are three broad categories of whitening techniques,

  • performed by the dentist
  • prescribed by the dentist for usage at home and bought over the counter or produced at home under their dentist’s supervision
  • We may decide on a particular teeth-whitening technique based on one or more considerations, such as:

The nature of the discolouration and the cost of our therapy

  • the age and the type of treatment (this pertains to children)
  • the dental background, including any crowns and fillings
  • professional whitening of teeth

We’re dentist can teeth whitening Yuba City CA either in the office or at home using a variety of techniques. Typically, they will use carbamide peroxide to bleach our teeth. This decomposes into hydrogen peroxide and urea, which react chemically to target the tooth’s colour. It is regarded as a secure method of tooth whitening.

Products for teeth whitening and other DIY options

To aid with discoloured teeth, we can use over-the-counter (OTC) whitening solutions. These products, unlike those used by dentists, contain significantly less carbamide peroxide than those dentists use. This means that OTC teeth whiteners may not perform as well or may take longer to whiten the teeth if they are fundamentally stained.

The American Dental Association has granted its Seal of Acceptance to some OTC goods. This seal isn’t on every product, and some without it are still safe to use, but it’s there to give us extra assurance that whatever we’re purchasing and using is secure.

When utilising a product, always adhere to the manufacturer’s directions.

Office-based therapy

Because it works so quickly, teeth whitening Yuba City CA performed in-office can be advantageous. The bleaching result might also endure longer. Often, teeth whitening simply requires a single appointment or an hour-long procedure. This is due to the fact that the applied goods have a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide than the items we use at home.

Toothpaste that whitens

Carbamide peroxide is not used in bleaching toothpaste. Instead, these toothpastes use a variety of ingredients, such as abrasives and the chemical blue covarine, to target the surface of our teeth. Whitening toothpastes could take time to function, but those with blue covarine might start working after just one brush because the chemical makes our teeth look whiter.

Bleaching strips

Additionally, we can buy over-the-counter teeth-whitening strips. These have less hydrogen peroxide in them than professional products. We use them on our teeth once or twice daily for the duration specified by the manufacturer.

There are numerous whitening strip products that come in a range of bleaching agent concentrations.