You will find some of these features below.

Measuring Spoon:-

To make sure you use the healthiest and least amount of oil needed a handy measuring spoon ships with your new ActiFry. The two ended measuring spoon provides a tablespoon a teaspoon measure to help you use the right balance of oil for taste and health.

One Touch Cooking:-

Deep fat fryers is really very easy to use, once your food is in the pan simple press the one touch ‘on’ button and device will come to life. Tefal Optigrill XL GC 724d Select your cooking time on the timer, and wait for the delicious results. There is nothing more to it!


Set the timer when you’re cooking your meal, its audible beep will alert you when the time is up. The fryer does not turn off when the alarm sounds but continues to cook the food. The audible alarm will go off regularly until you tend to it.

Clear Plastic Lid:-

With a clear plastic lid which comes off in one simple click for dishwashing, Tefal have made it very easy to keep an eye on your food as it cooks. As food cooks quickly a clear lid makes it easy view the food as it rotates in the hot air fryer

Audible Alarm:-

The timer produces an audible beep when time is up, loud enough to hear out of the room too.

Machine Washable Parts:-

An important feature for any modern domestic kitchen appliance is the ability to be dish wash safe and Tefal had produced the whole range of products to be dishwasher friendly. Occasionally you may wish to wipe clean the inner and outer casing. But as the Tefal low fat fryer uses little oil, these tend to stay quite clean and only need doing occasionally.

Removable Cooking Tray:-

To make it safe to remove hot food from the Tefal ActiFry, the fry pan is easily removed. With a heat proof handle which unfolds from the side of the device, the pan is safely removed to allow serving straight to your plate. The heat proof handle doesn’t get hot during cooking and can be handled with no need for an oven glove or any hand protection. However do watch the pan as this will be hot when first removed from the cooker.

Cooking Guide:-

With any new kitchen appliance it can take a while to become familiar with your new device, Tefal provide a useful cooking book which gives cooking times on many different family favourites and how much oil is needed, if any at all, when cooking. It also gives you a range of recipes to follow and some great ideas to begin with.

Tefal Quick Cup Filter

The Tefal quick cup is an instant hot water provider that works by simply plugging in to the mains power supply you then fill it up with cold water push the button and you have hot water within 3 seconds. Kettle no longer required!?

When this product first came to market in the UK several years ago now the reviews were mostly positive, any negative reviews were based on the water not quite reaching boiling point or the occasional faulty machine and that was about it.

I personally purchased one of the Tefal quick cup machines and was happy with the product, hot water is very quick you really do get hot water within seconds however to fill a mug does take around 30 seconds so if you are only making one cup this is a faster option than a kettle but any more than two and it’s back to the kettle for me.

There may be a saving as far as electricity is concerned as you are only heating the exact amount of water required so perhaps better for the environment as far as power is concerned but this is not a cheap machine to run.

The main distributor of the Tefal quick cup filter then increased the wholesale price and internet prices rocketed to over £10 per filter that’s in excess of £80 per year just on filters ouch!!

Tens of thousands of these machines had already sold in the UK and at a cost of between £50 – £70 per unit people who had made the purchase were reluctant to dispose of the quick cup but more than likely used it less. Tefal Optigrill We received a surge of complaints regarding the pricing and sales of the filters dropped significantly.

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