The amalgamation of delicious chocolate in a designer cakes base

You will find a variety of cakes available on the internet. People use to trust authentic bakeries a few decades ago but today you will find delicious cakes available near you. These cakes taste amazing. Designed in a unique pattern, the cake looks impressive. You can make use of the website which provides delivery of cake at your doorstep. One of them is this amazing website, OyeGifts. It has many gifts arranged in various sections. You can easily select the best option for you and place an order. This website provides the facility delivery of gifts to different regions in India. If you have to send delicious cake delivery in Chennai then you must use this website. You will find a series of options just for a particular chocolate cake.

Let us go through some of the amazing options available:

The rolls of chocolate

Prepared using white and brown chocolate. The base of the cake is evenly covered with chocolate cream. To decorate the surface of the cake pattern of rolls formed by chocolates comes to use. The inner white circle contains white chocolate rolls while the outer contains brown chocolate rolls. The cake looks like a giant rose with a white inner surface.

The chocolate clock

The artwork of this cake creates awareness about time. The surface of the cake has the image of a hanging clock. This cake is a chocolate cake and the arm-hands, as well as the numbers, are in Roman numbers, written using white vanilla cream. Each number is away from the other by placing a cherry in between. On the outer Edge, the base has beautiful white cream dots. This cake looks like a chocolate clock.

Seashells cake

When you will look at this cake you will instantly remember the beaches. This cake has an even coating of chocolate over the base. Covered with granular chocolate pieces the cake looks like sand granular land. The cream-colored cream helps give shape to form seashell designs over the surface of the cake. These sea shell designs have a circular placement on the surface. This cake is also known as the Belgian chocolate cake.

The heart shape cake

This cake has cutting the cake into a clean beautiful heart. Decorated with chocolate cream, small designs using the same chocolate cream are also created . White chocolate comes to use for decoration purposes. This is a romantic gift which not only has the heart shape cake but also it has a bouquet in a heart shape. Filled with many Red roses, this box looks amazing.

The chocolate with garnishing of dry fruits

Sometimes you will find few combinations popular in India. One of them is this chocolate truffle cake. Unlike ordinary truffle cakes, this cake has white vanilla cream decoration. With small flowers drawn using this cream and there is dry fruit garnishing. This is a different and totally unique combination which you will enjoy.

The redness of excessive cherries

This cake has a chocolate base. The chocolate cream is evenly distributed on the round surface of the cake. It is then covered with many cute red cherries. The redness of these cherries makes the cake attractive. You will enjoy the sweetness of chocolate Cake and the sweet-sour taste of cherries. This cake is ideal for people who love to enjoy eating cherries off the cake.

The brown cake

This cake has a decadent chocolate base. Poured on it is a nectarous layer of chocolate that gives flavor to the spongy base of the cake. This layer is evenly spread so that lumps are not visible. An extremely thin slice of into a round shape and decorated vertically at the surface of this cake. This dark brown texture will tell you the originality of the chocolate used.

The gifts reach you within a few hours of placing the order. This is the best way to surprise your loved ones because nobody will receive a prior hint at what you are ordering.