The Best Hardwood Floor Cleaning Products

Hardwood flooring is likely one of your favorite parts of your home. It is a popular choice because of its versatility and rich tone. However, it does have unique cleaning and maintenance requirements that may require some extra effort. Here are some of the best hardwood floor cleaning products.

Bona Hardwood Flooring Care System

This hardwood floor care system is unrivaled. This is the official hardwood partner of the NBA. This product is highly recommended by professionals due to its ability to cut through dirt and scuff marks from hardwood. The trigger bottle is simple to use and leaves almost no residue.

Orange Glow

This non-toxic, water-based cleaner can also be used to quickly get rid of dirt and grime. It doesn’t require you to mix or dilute the cleaner with anything. Just spray it on, then wipe it off with a cloth or mop. It is quick to dry and leaves no residue. Orange Glow can be used on any other wood in your house, such as doors and tables or cabinetry.

Floor Care Wood Squirt and Mop

If you need to quickly clean large areas of hardwood flooring, this is the right product for you. Good Housekeeping found that this product needed the least amount of pressure to remove sticky residues from hardwood floors. It doesn’t require that you mix or dilute the product with anything. This makes it easy to use.

Hoover Twin Tank Steam Mop

This is Amazon’s top-selling household cleaner. This is a great product because it does an amazing job cleaning hardwood floors. The steam cleaning function kills 99.99% of bacteria that can be found on hardwood floors. It can be used to clean your hardwood with steam alone. However, the small tank on the device allows you to add a non-toxic cleaning solution.

The above products make hardwood cleaning easy. These products have a proven track record and will leave your hardwood floors looking new. They can be easily purchased at any home store or online. These hardwood cleaners will ensure your hardwood looks great.

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