The Bird Of Paradise- Strelitzia Reginae

Do you want to fill your house with brightly colored flowers? We show you a good option: the bird of paradise. This bird of paradise will fill your home with joy and bliss. We tell you what you need to take care of it.

The bird of paradise is a very beautiful plant with spectacular colors and a shape resembling a bird. Its original name is Strelitzia reginae, a very striking tropical herbaceous species that requires specific care to develop. Due to its characteristics, it is one of the most used plants for ornamental purposes. This plant is easily available in many online stores and nurseries. 

What Is The Bird Of Paradise?

This herbaceous plant receives this name because the shape of its flowers, which open up in a fan, resembles a bird. These are bright and striking colors, and their cross-pollination is achieved thanks to the fact that the birds are very attracted to the nectar they produce.

The bird of paradise comes from tropical climates and thrives mainly in parts of South Africa. So in colder areas, they can be grown especially indoors. Although they are not excessively delicate, they require a series of suitable conditions to develop correctly.


They are plants that develop in warm areas and climates, so the best option for them is indoors. Despite what it may seem, it is not a very delicate plant, but it requires that the temperature be similar to its place of origin.

It does not support frost, so the temperature should never be below 5 degrees. On the other hand, you should also protect it from excessive heat by placing it in an area of ​​your home that maintains temperatures between 12 and 25 degrees.

Sunlight is very important for the growth of the bird of paradise. It needs the sun’s rays to grow, so you should place it in areas where it has a high exposure throughout the day.


To keep our plant in the best conditions, we must simulate its original climate, therefore it will always need constant humidity. Irrigation must ensure that the soil does not dry out, but it must not be waterlogged either. To achieve this, add water every 72 hours if you are in winter and every 24 or 48 hours in summer.


For the plant to acquire all the nutrients it needs, you must provide it with a good fertilizer just before the plant flowers. This process must be carried out every 15 days and must provide the bird of paradise with potassium, nitrogen, and magnesium so that its leaves and flowers are kept in the best conditions.

How To Reproduce The Bird Of Paradise

You can reproduce it by using seeds, cuttings, or divisions of the original plant. Although the first method is also widely used, it is quite slow, since you will not achieve the first flowers until at least five years have passed.

You can use the division technique to get your bird of paradise plants faster. The first thing to keep in mind is that this procedure should always be done in early spring.

Prepare a pot large enough to house the plants and introduce a substrate rich in nutrients and organic matter. Mix with a little sand so that the soil has better drainage and prevents the roots from rotting due to excess moisture.


The bird of paradise is a very striking and decorative plant that you can place in your home to beautify it. Despite its bright colors and exotic shape, keeping it indoors is quite easy if you maintain the right conditions for it. You will only have to worry about taking care of it.