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The Complete Guide to Checking Original Nike Shoes

Nowadays, buyers find it more challenging to identify authentic Nike sneakers by sight due to the sophisticated improvement. The issue that remains is how to identify authentic Nike Dunk footwear. Find out today the best techniques we have gathered to distinguish between the real and the false.

How to identify authentic Nike footwear

Nike is presently one of the most well-known sneaker manufacturers out there. One of the most well-known shoe companies in the world right now is Nike. Athletic footwear from this company is known for its industry-best comfort and stability attributes, which are combined with modern design elements and sporty styles. As a result, athletes, fashionistas, and celebrities all love Nike sneakers.

However, you might need to fork over a sizable sum to purchase a pair of Nikes. Therefore, imitations frequently arise on the market when something becomes well-known yet pricey. How can I tell whether my Nikes are real?

Determining if Nike sneakers are authentic from the package

Regardless of whether they are bought in-person or online, authentic Nike sneakers always arrive in a unique design box for each shoe model. Because of this, you can tell instantly if a product is real or fake just by looking at its packaging. If the vendor gives you Nikes without the original packaging, it should raise a red flag. Nike shoe boxes are often composed of premium durable paper with vibrant colors and excellent graphics. The most prevalent colors and designs for the boxes are orange, red, and brown. The box should be printed with the barcode, style name, size, serial number, and SKU (if appropriate).

How can you tell whether your Nikes are real

The distinguishing written information that might alert buyers to the scam is frequently missing from the knockoff versions of these boxes. Ask the seller if you’re unsure if the product is still in its original box and tags/labels. Genuine Nike shoes should come with extras like warranty documentation, shoelaces, product tags, and other items when you open the package.

How to identify genuine Nike footwear based on the tags

By using the stock-keeping unit (SKU) number- It is important that the SKU number on the box and the inside labels correspond. Sizing labels that are several years old are often sewn on by the fake Nike companies. A label saying that an item was created in 2010 may be present on a 2013 product. Also available for your review is the product’s official release date. Although the fake could assert that they were made in 2008, Nike really started making them in 2010.

Font- The font used on the tags of authentic Nike shoes is sized and spaced evenly, as seen in the illustration. While false shoes are the opposite, authentic “CM” shoes have the letter “C” printed close-up. Look closely at the letter “e” in the sentence “” on genuine sneakers. It has a pointed tail instead of the round one that is often printed on knockoffs.

Verify the Nike shoe’s serial number- Genuine Nike sneakers may be recognized by their serial number. Each Nike shoe code normally consists of 9 numbers or characters, the first 6 of which are the shoe code and the remaining 3 are the color code for that specific shoe, for instance, 667444-008. You may use Google pictures to verify the barcode, which is in the middle.

How to identify authentic Nike footwear by the materials

You might not notice it, but Nike’s shoes are all quite consistent; it is challenging to identify mistakes or merely redundancy. The explanation is straightforward: prior to being made available, a high-quality pair of shoes will definitely undergo rigorous quality testing. Famous brands are made with high-quality materials. Up to 90% of the time, counterfeit goods are suspected when faults are found that set them apart from the rest.

Glue smell: Genuine Nike footwear has a nice glue odor that is not as dark as that of counterfeit footwear. This is another way to identify real Nike footwear.
Seam: Use all four of the aforementioned techniques to determine whether a pair of sneakers are authentic Nikes at once. Today’s counterfeiting technology allows for the realization of any shoe detail. You need to pay attention carefully!
Weight: Nike employs an ethylene-vinyl acetate material called Phylon in their footwear. Although it is lightweight, it is strong enough to last for a long period. When folded, the Phylon material should be exceedingly pliable and bounce back into shape.

Indicators that indicate fraudulent Nike online sellers

However, it’s advisable to examine the places you buy from before placing an order after you know how to identify authentic Nike sneakers through the merchandise. Internet shoe shopping is becoming commonplace, much like online shopping for other products. There are still reputable stores that sell Nike items, but there will always be a substantial market for inexpensive imitations. Watch out for these telltale indicators if you’re intending to buy any Nike apparel to assist you avoid purchasing fakes.

Deal appearances too good to be true

It’s a good bet that any Nike shoes you see online at an absurdly low price are fake. The reason for the cheap cost can only be attributed to two factors. You’re being offered either pre-owned footwear or Nike-branded knockoffs. An average pair of Nike sneakers costs $60 or more. However, it’s definitely not a good idea to purchase brand-new Nike sneakers from a website that sells them for under $20.