The fastest way to memorize 52 cards

Many people still believe that those who can remember 52 cards have a divine brain. But later, when learning about the brain and memory, as well as practice, the expert realized that anything is possible, the question is whether the method is correct or not. So how to memorize 52 cards effectively and complete it quickly to help you gain an advantage when playing cards, Let’s find out through this article with vn88 official website.

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Start with the deck

Initially, you need to separate the face cards from the deck: J, Q and K consist of 12 cards. Once you are able to comfortably memorize those 12 cards (by following the next few steps), you will increase the number to 24 cards, then to the entire 52-card deck.

Make the same convention for these 12 J, Q and K cards with items you are familiar with and use every day. Then add a number to it as you consider each of the pontoon decks. No one has ever memorized 52 cards in under 60 seconds on the first try, so just keep practicing.

Expands to the rest of the 52 cards

Once you have mastered the memorization of face cards. The next step you should take is to find the PAO for the remaining cards of the deck. One of the best ways to memorize 52 number cards is to use the Dominican system, which is basically encoding the numbers and the deck to convert them to letters.

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Memorizing 52 cards is not difficult if you persevere through the above method. Hope our sharing is a useful lesson for you. Register vn88 to receive 50k to participate in betting with a deck of cards.