The Importance of E-Waste Management Services in Singapore

Efficient On-Site HDD Degaussing

Asset management requires recycling facilities that handle assets. Our company is positioned to securely sanitize data and process IT assets at our e-recycling location within a 24-hour period. Our service offers an effective solution to the data erasure issue that also brings additional revenue that the client will earn for working and functional machines that were going to be destroyed. Our service is necessary to guarantee fast and effective data destruction for retired assets, ensure all electronic media are accounted for, and provide clients with a full audit trail from collection to final destination if selected by the client. Our license number is issued by Texas Recycle for all purposes. Once the retired HDDs are received by our team at our facility, they are physically labeled and then pass through magnetic degaussing. Degaussing permanently erases digital media by removing recorded magnetic flux transition. Our degaussing equipment is listed on the NSA Evaluated Products List and meets OEM requirements. Degaussed HDDs are then shredded and recycled. We send our certificates of destruction to our partner company at the end of the cycle. The Certificate of Destruction will include the date and time of received equipment, the amount by item count, manufacturer, type of equipment, and asset lay for record of destruction process particle size.

To mitigate risks associated with unauthorized use of data, companies need to efficiently and effectively protect data when retiring end-of-life IT assets. However, the most common and effective data safety procedures are on-site only. Typical data sanitizing for any IT equipment takes time and effort, which contradicts with requirements to process quickly any asset. Data erasure is usually time and effort consuming. E-cycling data suggests that approximately 25% of hard drives arrive at a recycling facility still functional and still contain data, unless a secure recycling facility could provide fast on-site data sanitizing. To prevent counterfeited data from reaching a recycler’s site and to receive immediate data sanitizing, the data security needs to be conducted in a fast and timely manner. Ensure efficient on-site HDD degaussing for optimal data security.

Guarantee HDD Shredding and Degaussing

A hard drive, or disk, is a data storage device of which the digital data is recorded by corresponding entities known as bits. The hard disk drive introduced has a safe and robust framework that can destroy and crush different hard disk devices. While physical destruction satisfies the warranty that digital data is protected against access, degaussing a hard drive is the only way to ensure that the public legislation and corporate standards about disposing of media will be satisfied. To physically damage hard drives to the particulate matter, this heavy machine is container-affable and receives millions of hard drives. Instead of shredding or de-dimensioning, the Degauss mode includes a high-energy drive-harnessing magnetic pulse to eliminate stored data from the hard drive completely. You can be guaranteed of full data sterilization and DHeLD of hard drives by using the product guarantee. The hard disk does not need to be reformatted and can be reused in environments suitable for the enterprise.

In a world filled with big data, businesses are often looking for easier solutions to store and dispose of their obsolete or seized IT equipment. They choose their solutions based on the convenience of time and money matters. When e-waste piles up and smashing happens, it pays to use a hard disk shredder and degausser to ensure complete destruction of data. Guarantee HDD shredding and degaussing to safeguard sensitive information.

Certified On-Site SSD Shredding

Thankfully, many e-waste recycling companies have the tools and technology necessary to securely and efficiently destroy and recycle SSDs. By leveraging professional-grade HDD shredders, the companies can break the drives into tiny pieces. Once the process is completed, the metal pieces go through a full recycling process. The companies also properly dispose of all of the materials that they recover. Beyond shredding, the companies also use powerful electromagnets to clear any latent data that may still be left on the hard drives. In some cases, the resulting pieces from hard drive grinding will have electromagnetic residual data stored on them. To ensure that all data is properly destroyed, the companies use high-power magnets which de-gauss the remaining granulants.

If you are planning to sell or donate your old electronics, you should make sure to destroy any and all data on the hard drives first. If you do not, the next person who uses the device could take advantage of it by accessing your data. This could lead to them stealing it or using it in a way that could harm or damage you. The only way to ensure that the data is completely destroyed is by shredding the SSD drive. E-waste management services that offer certified on-site SSD shredding can help with this. When you allow a company to do this work for you, they will remove the drives and destroy their data in front of you before recycling them. Benefit from certified on-site SSD shredding for enhanced data protection.