The most popular Android applications for 2022

The top Android apps can be difficult to locate since there are thousands of apps available but not all are excellent.

We’re here to assist. We’ve been using Google Play Store for a while now to locate the top Android software and put every promising application through its paces in order to ensure that it’s worth downloading.

There are amazing applications in a variety of categories that range from fitness and health to photo editors and cameras and even customization applications as well as music apps and more. So whatever you’re looking for any app like mega personal. you’ll find the right fit and you’re sure to find it in this post.

If you’ve recently bought any of theĀ top Android handsetsĀ or you’re seeking to build your collection of apps. This is the best first place to begin.

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Wisdom(opens in a new tab) is an audio-based app that lets you create individual talks about subjects you like – by adding tags and a title so that viewers can understand at a glance what they should be expecting.

Then, during your presentation, your listeners can join in as guests and allow you to talk one-on-one with them while the other listeners. The timer will count down for each guest, ensuring they don’t break the rules and the next person is able to replace them.

Glitch Lab

Free + $6.49/PS5.99 IAP

Glitch Lab(opens in a new tab) is an image editor that comes with a plethora of digital glitches. You’ve probably heard of applications like this in the past, however, the type of the effects will not be for anyone, but if want to make your photos appear retro or glitchy this is among the most powerful and versatile methods to achieve it.

There are more than 100 effects included in this Android application, and a lot of them can be customized to ensure that your glitches will not be like any other.

In order to show the capabilities, it’s possible to make images from nothing creating them using several adjustments and effects.


DoodleLens(opens in the new tab) may be an ad-hoc device, but it’s fun to play with. Just draw something and use your phone’s camera to capture the doodle within the app. You can copy the doodle and paste it onto everything else around you using Augmented Reality.

You can also alter the color of the doodle. You can create fundamental animations, by copying several drawings in the program and having it go through them. Then, you can save and record the results.


Free and diverse subscriptions

Pixma is an excellent choice when you’re in the market for something fresh. Pixma (opens within an entirely separate tab) is among the many apps that aim to replace the default camera application. Camera apps differ in many ways and their effectiveness is dependent on the phone’s model and model, however,

It’s packed with options, such as numerous filters and the GIF recorder and panorama, hyper-lapse, manual controls, and other oddities like a mode called ‘Planet’ which transforms images into the form of a sphere using the Pixtica’s “advanced stereographic projection algorithm”.

There are a variety of alternatives to use, regardless of whether you’re shooting photos or filming The app is easy to use. Although most of the functions are completely free, you’ll need to pay for greater resolution and get rid of watermarks from your photos when applying filters.



Scribbl(opens in a new tab) is an image editor that allows you to include animations in your images. Animations are generally light trails, but there are many different ways that they can be animated. There are a variety of colors you can pick and also you can choose the exact location they will appear on your images and the size of them.

In essence, it’s an application that does one thing but does it effectively. Once you’ve made an animation you can save it in your phone’s gallery ready to share.


Twitter’s live-streaming application, Periscope is among the most popular and top live streaming apps available for Android like ifvod. You can display live streams on an interactive map and easily find the ones that are trending on Periscope.

  • Link for other platforms on social media, such as Facebook and Instagram
  • Take a look at for the best live stream
  • Get complete statistics about live viewers, viewers who have a replay and total time spent watching, and much more.
  • Access to the web-based interface is also available.
  • Absolutely free and easy to use

Photo Watermark


Photo watermark (opens in a new tab) is exactly what the name implies It allows you to add watermarks on photos However, the kinds of watermarks that you can apply are a variety.

Not only can you include personal text as a watermark (including changing the font size, font, and color) Additionally, you can make use of the signature of your choice (or any other handwritten text) as watermarks by writing it in the space.