The Relationship of Dentists and Patients

Building a strong relationship between Accepting new patients Jasper AL begins with the golden rule: treat others as you would like to be treated. If you’re a patient, this means trusting your dentist, being transparent about the process, and sharing decision-making. Having a good relationship with your dentist will improve your dental care experience.

Trust in dentists

In a Gallup survey, dentists rank high among the most trustworthy professions. Yet building trust with patients is a constant process. Any encounter that leaves patients doubting their dentist’s professionalism can cost them a customer and, in some cases, lead to litigation.


One of the most important traits of a dentist is honesty. According to a Gallup survey, 61% of respondents think dentists are honest. In addition, only a third of respondents think dentists are dishonest. This difference may be due to the negative coverage of dentistry in the media.


Effective verbal communication can help you provide more information to your patients and improve their experience. There are four stages to communicating with patients. The first stage involves showing empathy. While people tend to dismiss information from a complete stranger, they are more likely to accept it when it comes from someone they trust. This will help them feel more comfortable.

Shared decision-making

The concept of shared decision-making between dentists and their patients is not new, but the research in this area is still very limited. Researchers have noted that patient preferences, evidence-based practice, and decision aids play a central role in shared decision-making. These factors can be incorporated into quality criteria for patient involvement in health care. Although few studies have examined the use of shared decision-making in dentistry, one recent study examined the autonomy preferences of patients and dentists.

Quality care

The relationship between an Accepting new patients Jasper AL plays an important role in providing quality care. A positive attitude and real communication between a dentist and patient are both essential for the process of care. Patients must feel confident in the dentist’s ethics and commitment to their needs. This in turn affects the patient’s willingness to seek dental care on a regular basis.

Legally justified termination of the dentist-patient relationship

Terminating the dentist-patient relationship can be legal when both parties agree to the termination. Reasons for terminating a relationship can include: the patient’s failure to keep appointments, noncompliance with recommended dental care, or nonpayment of dental bills. When it is decided that the dentist’s services are no longer necessary, the patient should be notified in writing. The letter should also include the reasons for terminating the relationship. A copy of the letter should be kept in the patient’s file.