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The Sought-After Fashion Item Kilts of Scotland Globally

You may have seen guys dressed in kilts. You’ve probably heard jokes about what Scots wear beneath their kilts. But did you know that kilts are the national garment of Scotland? It is a well-known style of clothing all around the globe.

In fact, when it comes to national attire, nothing beats the Scottish kilts. When you think of Scotland, the first thing that comes to mind is highland clothing. It is a piece of history that has stood the test of time. Highland clothing has changed through time and is now an important feature of current fashion.

The Origins of Scottish Kilts:

Scotland’s emblem is Highland attire, and Scots have worn kilts for generations. Indeed, it is a treasured emblem of dignity and patriotism for them. This beautiful highland attire has evolved significantly throughout the years, and current kilts are fashioned to reflect the most recent fashions. People wear traditional kilts as well as contemporary kilts, which are incredibly stylish and make you stand out at weddings, parties, balls, dances, work, and graduations, among other events.

Before kilts, what did Scots wear? You may be surprised to learn that the Scottish dress style you see now is considerably different from the clothes worn by the Scots centuries ago. Long baggy shirts were worn by both the Irish and the Scots. Autumnal saffron would be used to color it yellow. In addition, they wore untailored woolen cloth around their waist. That material was also used as a blanket when sleeping.

The saffron shirt was thereafter outlawed by Henry VIII in the late 16th century. Following that, the breaking feile, also known as ‘belted plaid,’ became popular among the Scots. Then, in the 18th century, a fitted version of the “kilt” debuted on the scene, and since then, people have worn it to display their pride in Scottish culture or for fashion.

More than simply a costume:

What are your thoughts on the highland dress? Is it just an item of clothing worn by Scots, or is it anything more? A kilt is a knee-length garment worn by Scots. It is appropriate for both professional and casual settings. Grooms wear it to their weddings, and what could be better for best men than donning the highland dress? It is worn by men during parties, dances, balls, graduations, and even funerals. They wear them to work since they are more comfortable and allow for greater mobility.

But it’s more than simply an outfit. It is Scotland’s national attire and a source of pride for Scots. It is precious to them, thus they must wear it with dignity, respect, and assurance.

Who is permitted to wear a kilt?

Who is permitted to wear the highland dress? Is it illegal for non-Scots to wear a highland dress? It is quite OK to wear a kilt even if you have no ties to Scotland. Indeed, they will be glad to see that you have made an attempt. However, you must wear it with care since it is a cherished symbol of patriotism for Scots, and your goal must not be to insult anybody.

It is also worth noting that the tartans worn by Scots signify their clans (family). However, many tartans are considered global, and anybody may wear them even if they do not originate in Scotland. Some tartans, however, are limited since they are associated with the royal family, and you are not permitted to wear them. To complete your outfit, go to and choose a tartan of your choosing.

Interesting Scottish Kilt Facts:

Is it true that Scots don’t wear anything beneath their kilt? Is it true that kilts are usually expensive? Let’s look at some fascinating facts about this great item of clothing.

High cost:

If you want anything of excellent quality, you must pay for it. A nice kilt costs a lot of money. There are some low-cost kilts available, but they are of poor quality. The highland garment is composed of pure wool, which is costly in and of itself.

So, don’t trust those who offer inexpensive kilts. The Scotland Kilt Collection has a large selection of high-quality kilts, so check it out RIGHT NOW.

A feature of Scottish culture:

If you feel that kilts have always been a part of Scottish culture, you should reconsider. This magnificent outfit was originally worn in the 16th century, implying that the film Braveheart got everything wrong. The scots in the film were seen wearing kilts in the 13th century, which is false.

Under the kilt:

What do Scots wear beneath their kilts? This is a question that comes to mind when you see someone wearing a knee-length non-bifurcated skirt. It’s a myth because no one can conceive of wearing nothing below a kilt in the dead of winter. Also, firemen wear kilts as uniforms, and you know how they climb up high on skyscrapers. Consider a fireman ascending a skyscraper while wearing nothing beneath his kilt. As a result, they wear something underneath their kilts.

They may be worn by anyone:

Many people assume that kilts are solely worn by Scots. This is not correct. A highland dress may be worn by anybody. Whether you have a connection to Scotland or not, you may look great in a highland dress.


A kilt is a unique and very comfortable clothing worn by highlanders as well as Celts, Irish, and Scots. It is available in a variety of styles and patterns, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs. The highland dress is designed with current styles in mind, so it can be worn for any event. Choosing a full Scottish kilt suit is not simple, so visit our website where we assist our clients to make the right option.