The Whereabouts of Denture Partials Explained

Denture partials Austin TX are a great option for those who are missing one or more teeth. They fill in the space left by missing teeth and are secured in place with clasps. They can be taken out for cleaning and to sleep. Replacing missing teeth with these replacements can help prevent gum disease and maintain the structure of your mouth.

Flexible partial dentures

Flexible partial dentures are an alternative to traditional dentures for people with missing teeth in a single area. They are a much more comfortable alternative, and can be made of softer materials that won’t irritate the gums. This type of denture is particularly useful for people who are allergic to metal, which can irritate the gums. Another benefit of flexible partials is that they don’t require any adhesives, making them a good choice for people who have sensitive mouths.

Cast metal partial dentures

Cast metal partial dentures are made from a metal base. This base is usually a cobalt-chromium alloy. This metal is very strong, and it can be used to secure your denture in your mouth. A dentist will use metal clasps or precision attachments to keep your partial denture in place. These metal clasps may be visible or may not, so it is important to discuss your aesthetic concerns with your dentist.

Acrylic partial dentures

Acrylic partial dentures are made from acrylic monomer and polymer, and the denture teeth are set into an acrylic baseplate. Sometimes wrought wire clasps are integrated into the base to secure the partial to the remaining teeth. They are a budget-friendly solution to missing teeth, and are also among the easiest and quickest to make.

Removable partial dentures

A removable partial denture is a removable dental device made for a patient who is partially edentulous. These devices can be made for aesthetic or functional reasons.

Flexible partials

Flexible denture partials are an option for people with missing teeth. These devices are thin and comfortable and have no metal clasps. Patients also benefit from a lifetime warranty. However, this type of prosthetic has disadvantages. For one, patients may experience problems if they accidentally drop them. Another disadvantage is that flexible partials cannot be relined or adjusted. This means that if a flexible partial does become loose, the patient will have to buy a new one.


The cost of denture partials Austin TX varies depending on what type of denture is selected. Some types are flexible and are more affordable than others. For example, some are made of biocompatible nylon and thermoplastic resin. Another type is made from tissue-colored material.