Best longboards

Longboarding encompasses a wide variety of styles of skateboarding. Longer than normal skateboards are available in different dimensions and shapes, and come with a variety of features that are optimized.

The most popular are pintails, drop-throughs, dance longboards, and drop-downs. Specialized varieties include freeride, downhill as well as pumping board. With all the possibilities available, selecting the best board that fits your needs and ability to skate can be a daunting task.

We’ve made it easier to make it easier for you by providing an impressive choice of longboards to pick from. Take a look at our top choices below, and follow our complete guide on how to choose a lengthboard that matches your style. After analyzing a variety of boards, we’ve identified the longboards in this list to be of the best quality due to their:

  • They are made of premium beautiful, gorgeous hardwood
  • Make sure to use sandgrit grips that ensure stability
  • Features smooth-gliding, smooth-gliding wheel

Best longboards

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Magneto Longboard with Kicktail Cruiser – Top Overall

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The bamboo best longboard is an ideal alternative for pros and beginners alike. The deck made of hard maple is strong and durable, with an sand-grit finish that provides the perfect foot grip. This board was created to be stable and easy to ride, with a solid deck with less flexibility, making it easier to cruise on.

It weighs eight pounds, and has a capacity of about 275 pounds. It is ideal for cruising. The board has high rebound bushings (medium stiffness) and gravity-cast aluminum truck that is tough and long-lasting.

APOLLO Longboard Best Value

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If you’re a budget-conscious shopper who doesn’t need to shell out lots of money for your purchase and you’re looking at the new version of the APOLO Longboard.

It comes with 39-inch decks that are constructed using a triple-layered bamboo to ensure strong and stable performance. Its low center of gravity make it ideal for those who are just beginning to are stepping into the longboarding world as well as experienced riders looking to improve their speed.

In addition it has a T-tool that is convenient that lets you easily alter the stiffness of the truck for your longboard travelling. For the colors available, you can pick among a few intriguing alternatives, such as Nauro, Molokai, Galoa, Nevada, and a lot more.

WiiSHAM Drop Down Longboard Honorable Mention

This 42-inch longboard with a drop-down is perfect for cruises. It is constructed of 8 layers of cold-pressed maple with the highest strength and durability as well as weight load. This board has been supported using seven inch steel alloy wheels.

The longboard from WiiSHAM features a waterproof bottom pattern printed on the bottom and top-quality wheels made of PU that offer excellent performance and a smooth ride. The board will last longer when used as an e-bike. Its durability could not be as durable when you do lots of tricks or riding hard.

Junli Freeride Longboard – Also Take a Look

This Junli longboard is designed to allow freestyle, downhill and speed. Its large turn radius is ideal to develop balance and strength regardless of your level of experience or age. The board is constructed from 8-ply cold press maple and can hold up to 300 pounds.

It is backed by responsive Aluminum alloy 7 inches trucks that provide stabilization and control. However, if you’re looking to ride more advanced choose an item with better quality wheels and bearings since this model is better suited to novice riders.

 Retrospec Zed Longboard

With 18 different designs to choose from Retrospec’s Zed pintail longboards are sure to provide smooth and comfortable rides through town. The traditional surfboard-shaped longboard is constructed from eight-ply Canadian maple.

The longboard is made of strong aluminum trucks with 7 inches of length specifically designed to provide speed and running precision. It also has bamboo decking, which provides additional durability.

 Fish Skateboards Longboard

This amazing through-deck longboard is made of 8-ply A grade Canadian maple is ideal to skaters from all levels. It is ideal for freestyle, downhill or cruise riding. The capacity of the longboard’s load is 250 pounds, with the maximum capacity for support of 350 pounds, making it ideal for adults as well as children as well.

The unique shape of the board lets you have a better power and balance without the threat of wheel bludge as you cut. Also, it has the highest-quality, anti-slip grip to ensure safety.

 PINESKY Longboard Skateboard

Pinesky’s distinctive longboard is a versatile board to cruise, downhill freestyle, carving and freestyle. It is available in 12 unique designs and an effective shock absorption system which allows for smooth and comfortable riding.

The longboard is constructed with stainless steel bearings with high-speed speed and 8-inch aluminum trucks that are ideal for everyone. It’s also durable enough to withstand an optimum load of 325 pounds.

But the wrap around the board to protect it from the shipping process is not very safe. Fortunately, customer service has received good reviews and you are able to contact them in the event of damaged or if you get your longboard with no tools.

Volador Maple Longboard

This cruiser with a drop-through is designed to be used for transportation to and around the campus, as well as for beginner requirements. It weighs only 6.5 pounds and has the capacity to carry 250 pounds.

The longboard is made of corrosion-resistant carbon steel bolts and aluminum trucks that measure 7 inches. It’s a bit shorter than other brands, which makes it more lightweight and easy to carry.

Longboards Guide to Buying

There’s more to a longboard other than wheels and deck. Every part of the longboard affects the ride, including the form, length, shape, bearings, manufacturing materials, and the height.

Longboards have a variety of different features , based on the kind of riding it’s designed for. This buying guide for longboards will assist you in choosing the best board, for your needs, whether you’re doing freestyles, flipping or just cruising around the town.

Things to consider when buying the Longboard

To determine the most suitable longboard to your needs, you must consider the style of riding, the design, construction, and the components.

4 Longboard riding styles


Longboarding and carving involves riding on gradually downhill streets and pushing long on flat surfaces.


It’s focused on rapid speed as well as adrenaline. The majority of the time, you’ll be sitting crouching on the board to decrease wind resistance and improve stability. If you’re novice to riding on a board, this is not the most effective way to begin.


Freeride longboarding is a combination of hills, the speed of a car, curb-hops and even some sliding. You must have basic skills to steer the board, and to feel at ease with the speed of descents.


Freestyle longboarding is a technical sport that involves dancing, board tricks and good control. Beginning with simple movements is a great method to master the art of riding and improve your capabilities in riding and your confidence.

Longboard Design

Longboards with direction

Directional longboards are designed to travel forward. They are typically used for commuter and downhill riding.

Twin (Symmetrical) Longboards

Symmetrical longboards can be maneuvered in both ways. They feel and look exactly the same no matter the direction you’re facing. These boards are an excellent option for freestyle or freeriding.

Deck design

The deck design of the longboard can affect its stability, as will the ease with which it is to foot brake or push against the ground. The higher the height of the board from of the ground (e.g. the top-mount longboards) the higher the center of gravity will be.

This means less stability and fatigue when pushing and braking foot. Low-style designs that are more stable, like drop through as well as drop deck boards provide less leverage for throwing fast turns. They also have a higher chance to end up bottoming out on sharp turns.

Design Features

Longboards with kicktails

Directional longboards typically feature kick tails only on one end , whereas they have an upcurve on both sides. Kick tails are an essential feature for freestyle longboards and can be useful for last-minute curb hops as well as pedestrian escapes from cruisers.

Wheel cut-outs

Cut-outs for wheel wheels are designed to stop wheel bites from occurring in your board. Cut-outs permit you to accelerate your turn since the wheel is less likely come into contact with the board, thus preventing your board from falling off.

Concave decks

Concave decks provide more secure grip. Because the sides of the longboard just a bit higher than board’s middle the feet’s contours around the contour of. This creates a larger space of contact with your shoes and provides greater grip.

Length of the wheelbase

The length of the wheelbase influences the speed of turning and stability of the board. The boards with longer wheelbases offer greater stability while speeding However, they don’t turn as fast and tight as smaller wheel-based boards.

Board Flexible

The board’s flex is dependent on the board material the degree of concave, laminates, and the length of the board. Medium flex is stable in a fast speed, offers an a little spring, and helps absorb shocks from bumps. Boards with less flexibility are more stable, but less accommodating when riding bumps. They are the best choice to speed up, for freeride and for bombing hills.

Longboard construction

The most commonly used and cheap board is constructed using multiple small sheets (veneers) made from maple and Baltic Birch Wood. The more veneers are used the more stiff and heavy the board will be.

The most expensive components used for construction of longboards are composites like carbon fiber. These boards are well-known for their strength in addition to their lightweight, which makes them ideal for serious downhillers.

The Longboard truck and the bushings

Longboard trucks join them to decks. They can be turned and allow pivoting the axle. In contrast to regular skateboards longboards come with an inverted kingpin. This provides better balance and stability.

The trucks can be adjusted in order to fit your preferences for riding. More loose trucks are more suitable for turning, while tighter trucks provide better stability at speeds of high speed.

The change in the hardness of the bushings could alter the pivot on the truck. The bushings comprise the rubber pads that connect the kingpin, baseplate and the hanger on the truck. The more robust bushings provide a greater back to the middle, and more resistance to pumping. Softer bushings take on more impacts, which makes turning easier.

Longboard wheels

The speed and ability to corner of your longboard will be influenced by the wheel because they offer stability on the pavement. The wheel’s shape, width and height as well as durometer are recommended in the following order:

Freestyle and cruising longboard wheels can be round or square with a durometer of 75a to 80a. Wheels for carving and cruising with 75 mm in diameter is recommended , while freestyle longboards work best with a wheel diameter between 65 and 70 mm.

Longboard wheels for downhill boards need to have straight edges and an durometer of 78a-83a. The ideal size of wheel to use for riding downhill is 70-75 millimeters.

Bearings for Longboards

Bearings are what make your wheels turn. Conducting regular maintenance on your bearings will ensure their durability and performance. Clean the bearings, remove them then lubricate and reinstall them at least at least 50 miles (more frequently if you’re riding in wet or rainy conditions, to stop corrosion).

Do not use lubricants from your home because they dry out bearings, which will reduce their efficiency and life span. Be careful not to over-tighten the bearings when installing. It could cause damage to them.

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