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We all dream of a world where everything is connected and we dream that every device can understand each other and every appliance can understand you.

This is a world’s dream where we imagine every device or every digital connected tool shares information with one another.

That is simply what we call an ecosystem.  A system where every device is dependent on one another and enhances the role and functionality of the other.

Think of a sports team working together but for a technological task and we can already imagine how beneficial it will be.

In this blog, we are going to talk about the revolutionary company that is re-imagining this future and taking large strides to bring us the digital ecosystem.

We are of course talking about the popular IT solutions company based in Kolkata India Think To Share.


We always like to cover young entrepreneurs and new companies that are challenging the existing systems so that our lives get easier with technology.

Think To Share is exactly that company because the CEO is young and so are the team members and their vision is quite new.

Before we move on to what is their vision, let us talk about how satisfying and easy ecosystems are and why everything should be in ecosystems.


We have all heard about different ecosystems, the most popular being the Apple ecosystem.

If you are an Apple user then you know exactly what we are talking about, imagine listening to your music on Airpods and then simply moving to a Mac, the music will stop playing on your iPhone and will switch on to the Mac.

They are also other ecosystems that are excellent for professional use and one of the best ecosystems is the Google ecosystem.  Although it is not well known but we all use Google so much that we hardly take notice.


What Think To Share is bringing to the table is quite different from these ecosystems simply for the fact that they are trying to bring the real and the digital world together.

The applications that they are implementing to these technologies are in professional use cases at the moment.

The application of digital ecosystems can be implemented in a lot of places and Think To Share has a lot of ideas as to where to implement these technologies.

From our interview with ThinkToShare CEO Parag, we have come to know that Think To Share is planning on rolling out its digital ecosystems in a variety of scenarios.


One of the most effective uses of these kinds of technologies is estimated to be in the education sector because as we now see schools are not at all technological advanced.

While classrooms have single components that are smart such as smart boards or even smart speakers but classrooms as a whole have not advanced.

What Think To Share plans to do is to create a digital ecosystem that is not only interconnecting different classes in a school but is also interconnecting different schools on the state and national levels.

There is immense potential because students can now collaborate among themselves not only from a locality but from an entire state or an entire nation.

Everything from entering the school to attending classes and taking part in any activities will all be digitally interconnected so that children can benefit and the parents can keep track and stats of their children’s education.

This will also be excellent from the point of view of security as any and every child can be monitored right from their trip to school to their activity in school.

While Think To Share is leaving the amount of involvement of technology to the educators but they are hopeful that the educators will see that a digital ecosystem will work wonders for a child.


This is one of the most deprived industries in the world when it comes to the adaptation of technology, let alone a digital ecosystem.

The healthcare industry needs a digital ecosystem more than any industry and Think To Share understands this and that is why they have amazing plans for the healthcare industry.

From the implementation of a universal healthcare database that will contain all the medical history of a person to the use of AI (artificial intelligence) to predict any future medical complications, these technologies might just be enough to save precious lives.

While this is quite achievable Think To Share has other plans of making hospitals technology hotbeds by implementing technology right from the point when the patient walks in, to the point when they are being treated.

From automatic medicine dispensers to intelligent notification systems for the patients’ families to much more, the sky is the limit to how technology can be implemented in this sector.


While education and healthcare are important, lifestyle improvements are also important for the overall benefit of the human race.

If digital ecosystems can be implemented in the lives of general people, then that can have a profound effect on our society as a whole.

While there are smart devices and smart appliances that are being implemented in every household but the applications of these devices are quite limited.

Think To Share plans of changing that by implementing technology in every corner of a person’s home at affordable costs so that they can have control over all elements in their home.

From surveillance to creature comfort to important statistics and data that can help people change their lifestyle for the better, Think To Share has a lot of plans that can revolutionise how will live.


The food industry is not at all smart and while there are a few simple apps that have recipes in them, there is no ecosystem per se.

What Think To Share plans to do is to integrate the lifestyle industry and healthcare sector as well as the education sector so as to improve the food habits of people by making them more aware of their eating habits.

From recommending the perfect diet for weight loss that is custom created for any individual to recommending the perfect diet for weight gain and much more.

The sky is the limit as to the digital ecosystem that Think To Share IT Solutions PVT. LTD. is imagining for the world and we always like to support visionary thinkers and companies that push the boundary of the possible.

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