A design patent is a form of intellectual property protection that covers the ornamental design of an article of manufacture. It gives the holder of the patent the exclusive right to make, use, and sell an article embodying the patented design for a period of 15 years from the date of the grant. Design patent application are an important tool for protecting unique and creative designs in a variety of industries, including fashion, furniture, and consumer electronics.

Design patents are an important form of intellectual property protection for new and unique ornamental designs of an article of manufacture.

Below are some tips to help you design and file a successful patent application.

Conduct a thorough prior art search

Before you begin the design patent application process, it is important to conduct a thorough prior art search to ensure that your design or illustration is new and non-obvious. This will help you avoid any potential legal challenges down the road.

Keep the design simple

The simpler the design, the easier it will be to understand and the more likely it will be to be grant a patent. Avoid incorporating too many intricate details or too much ornamentation.

Use clear, precise drawings

Drawings are an important part of the design patent application process, as they provide a visual representation of the design. Make sure your drawings are clear and precise, and that they accurately depict the design.

Provide a detailed written description

Along with the drawings, you will also need to provide a detailed written description of the design. This should include information about the overall shape, composition, and function of the design, as well as any specific features that make it unique.

Be prepared to make changes

The patent office may require changes to your design or to the way it is describe in the application. Be prepare to make these changes to increase the chances of your application being grant.

Select the right class

Design patents are divide into different classes base on the type of product the design is use on. Make sure you select the right class for your design to increase the chances of your application being grant.

File a provisional application

If you are not yet ready to file a full design patent application, you can file a provisional application. This will give you 12 months to finalize your design and file the full application.

Hire a patent attorney

Filing a design patet application can be a complex process. Hiring a patent attorney can help ensure that your application is complete correctly and submit on time. 

Keep your application confidential

Keep your design patent application confidential until it is grant. This will help protect your design from being copy by others.

Be patient

The design patent application process can take several months, or even years, to complete. Be patient and stay focused on your goal of protecting your unique design. Online patent filing in India is pretty slow in this regard.

In conclusion, a design patent is a great way to protect your unique designs, but it is important to follow the right process to increase the chances of your application being grant. By conducting a thorough prior art search, keeping the design simple, providing clear drawings and a detail written description, being prepared to make changes, selecting the right class, filing a provisional application, hiring a patent attorney, keeping your application confidential, and being patient, you will increase your chances of success.