Tips to Master The Indian Poker: Game of Teen Patti

Teen patti is known for its simplicity and easy to play nature and is known as one of the most popular card games of South Asia. The name Teen patti actually means three cards in English. It is played with 52 standard deck of cards and is comparatively less complex and easier as compared to a poker game

Teen patti first involves Shuffling and dealing where the dealer shuffles the deck of cards and distributes it to all the players. The game starts when the dealer deals three cards to each participant. 

The dealing of cards is in a clockwise direction which starts with the dealer.

How to play Teen Patti?

You can choose to play teen patti, either seen or blind. Seen means that players can actually look up on their cards and Blind means you will not be able to see your cards and play the game based on your luck. 

All the stakes and bets are placed in the pot and the game starts when players gather the initial sum equally. It is the player’s will to play either blind or seen. 

Betting rules of Teen patti-

The prime rule of betting in teen patti states that a seen player bets double or two times as much as a blind player. 

Firstly, a certain amount of minimum stake is placed which is referred to as ‘Ante’.

The betting amount is based whether the player is playing seen or blind. A blind cannot bet more than 2x or two times the existing amount. And the seen player cannot stake more than 4x than the existing amount.

As the game is taken forward, players can either pack or fold their cards. The decision of folding or packing can cost them the value in the pot. 

Tips to play teen patti wisely-

Here are some basic teen patti rules or tips that will help you to master the art of playing teen patti smartly-

  1. Understand the rules of the game- Get to know all the rules, rankings, strategies, and hand formation thoroughly. 
  2. Card familiarity– Get to know about each and every card and its value and role in the game.
  3. Practice can help- Any skill can be sharpened and it can reach it to perfection with proper and regular practice. 
  4. Observation- Paying a keen eye to your opponent’s body language can help you to make your next move wisely and it can make your game strong.
  5. Bluffing is essential- A certain amount of bluffing is necessary to make your game strong and strategic but make sure not to overdo it. 
  6. Play wisely- If you don’t have a good set for betting, it is better to fold your hands early rather than losing from a big amount. 
  7. Be a budget thinker- Always set a budget limit while betting. This will avoid a financial crisis in your personal life.
  8. Know the variations- Apart from being a classic game, Teen patti also has different variants which has its unique set of rules and conditions. Try learning all other variations too.
  9. Play with patience- Dealing the game and making your moves patiently is also a key to a winning title.
  10. Know when to Show and Quit- Always be updated about your condition and the coming consequences of the game. Be ready to quit when you see a huge loss in your game. In the same way, choose wisely when to show your cards and play smartly.

Wrapping up!

If you’re looking for a fun card game to play with your friends and family, Teen Patti is the perfect choice to play and enjoy your recreational time. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been playing it for a while, whether you are a beginner or an all time GOAT, you’re sure to have a blast. You just need to be clear and confined about the teen patti rules.